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Because there's so much to talk to uh talk about concerning this team but it all starts with him i mean it was just about this time of year ago that he was coming off the bench for max brown and look what he has be calm he could not have looked any better last week against stanford i mean you know how what type of improvements could have possibly made in the off season that he is just keeps getting better better well playing well but not great and the reason for that there's actually a jewellery wad fell off the doors jackie this year's shows there so he only got one really verify of we good good great white group favorite beyond favored at eight would metro coming off a couple of years of bad injuries is turned into the upper two guy but they're not over where he got that problem now who why they've got a bunch of young guys but nobody who stepped up to be the third and tied him through to five or six times a gave last year has been out with a bad if flex their he's going to play again today i don't think and so the options or stabbed article to find guys to throw it to have been limited uh and even with bad he's got the pretty good nobert bodies also gave quite he's got or interceptions already through to a couple of games that i've got a call down now exert that was going to be my next point i understand that might be pointing out the miss america that she is a poppy seeds sucking her teeth but the ford the four turnovers though is that a product of of the style that he plays is that a product partially of what you just mentioned losing some of his targets biggest leedle of bread far of got it done but brunt is also vulnerable to the interception because the style he played so is is that something that they are working with them to try to cut down on ariza is that a legitimate concern right now he have cut down autocorrect last year indecision that were a little bit over his head or out of.

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