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Twelve four months no money down and no payments for a year visit window nation dot com Jack did the WTOP traffic Mike's dinner for the sun shines take a little break today huh watch the way of sunshine until tomorrow after we have are approaching cold front that's only spread some cloud cover to the region will be dry for the next several hours but after about one or two o'clock some rain showers will roll in from the west as the front comes our way highs in the mid to upper fifties so one more mild day showers lies a slow moving front pushes through real and from northwest to southeast after midnight so thirty five to forty it'll turn rather breezy by sunrise morning clouds matches sunshine breezy cooler tomorrow because of being in the mid to upper forties as low pressure presses off to our south and east on Thursday mostly cloudy breezy and colder could be a couple sprinkles are stuffers across of the Maryland but otherwise a dry day hi is only thirty five to forty though so we'll be rather chilly Sentra returns on funny but a cold day mid upper thirties in over the weekend look for woman show because the forties to low fifties wars in thirty six right now College Park thirty eight front of forty three and Jonah Bruce have a temperature forty two a Reagan national hi Mike thank you at seven fifty one here US intelligence agencies are racing to stay ahead of increasingly hostile adversaries not only are they aggressive they've also got some serious weapons every day Deirdre Walsh chief operating officer in the office of the director of national intelligence it's the ground running literally out the door try to get some exercise as much as I can to get the cobwebs out and in the office between seven and eight a clear head is important because you have your big for China Russia Iran North Korea the common denominator nukes malware and bots many of these are hardy perennials they're the kinds of things that come back every year but in.

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