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The passion julia a nation you ready we got ten hours of hardhitting saints football legs chicken with former saints offensive lineman steve court and save sideline reporter christian jerry yes indeed separate by welcome in the first take good at sunday morning for you and yours and free 25 lay kicked off three eight three saints in the eighty three carolina panthers for nfc south supremacy welcome in the first take steve corker she garrick outside of the mercedesbenz super bowl number three gates a and b succumb on out say hello talk a little saints football the former saint off as a de courten my cell phone lines are open at 5042601870 text eight seventy eight seventy and steve look as the more success you have the board would mo more people want to see the flexes game a couple of weeks ago it's a three 25 kick off and mandate it should be electric in the superdome the black and gold coming off a loss last week to los angeles rams the falcons means usually that the panthers are hot on the heels of the new orleans saints in the division it's a rematch for week three when the saints beat the panthers the kind of touched off his eightgame winning streak for new orleans an edge round two today in the albums are also on their heels so is it a sea south the race is interesting it is and and as strong as all these teams are some of the teams are a carolina was struggling earlier i think they've come back into form uh they're obviously more consistent than they have been in the past and beginning of the season i didn't really sort of know which uh which panther teams going to show up it's still there little bit still like that but at the same time they they've also straight down a lot of those things so um they're limit more healthy than they were i know camps playing better than he has been in the past which to be as he's kind of the light of that organization in but uh you know you had through the.

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