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93 delivered down ramp the airport tunnels all check out okay, and the mass turned bikes in decent shape to my king. WBC's traffic on the threes right over now to the four day WBZ accurately forecast and spread twist this round by the North Atlantic States Carpenters union have a partly to mostly cloudy sky into tonight alone here, 30 mainly clouding. For tomorrow we'll have a couple of rain and sun. Showers around especially in the morning by tomorrow around 43 rather cloudy tomorrow night so low down to 31, then for Friday, clouds and some sonnets Times high of 43 at the breeze will start to pick up Friday night. We will see some rain it's times into Saturday morning, and some of that rain could be heavy. Low Friday night near 40, The Randall Taper off Saturday afternoon with a gusty wind and a high of 40 eights. It will be brisk in a little bit chillier into Sunday, not thank you. But the meteorologist Brian Thompson, WBZ Boston's NewsRadio 37 right now in Lakeville, seeing 34 in East Hampton over toward the Springfield area, right now in southern New Hampshire. It's 36 in Nashua, right now, in Boston at 6 25. It's overcast and 38. There's a reason the top builders in the North Atlantic states use union carpenters. Factor of three quality value and trust Bill your business with the North Atlantic States Carpenters Union visit NES RCC dot or g'kar at 6 25. It's time for doing the business and some new research out this week shows a majority of us in Massachusetts are in favor of some controversial tax rate increases. Survey out from mass ink, finding nearly three quarters of US one of 4% income surtax on household incomes topping a million dollars, but just about the same number of US reject raising the state sales and income tax in general. This issue was about to get front burner status could be in front of voters on election.

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