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Working on my own passion and the real answer is you have to be brave enough to jump and grow your wings on the way down you're never going to have the wings before it just doesn't work like that it's not how the universe has set us up and if not how were set up to succeed i actually think that success does not provide any type of knowledge rather failure does and the more failure in every aspect of life the more growth than the more learning so for me i did start while i was working and i started a passion i didn't have any type of business plan i didn't know if there was the white space which is a marketing word that i'm sure you all have heard and use a lot i just started making clothes that i needed and i wanted to wear so what i needed with clothes that worked from eight in the morning until late at night for working women and that's what um my business started on and that's where i found success because you will find people that are into what you're into if it's authentic so tell us a little bit about exactly everything that's in your line right now free and for those of you who don't have context you've dressed littleknown women like i no michelle obama you know little known names like that how does that feel to have grown to that kind of level of success at such an interesting question because those of you that have started your own business or thinking about starting your own business you never get to the point where you you sit back and you think okay great undone peak has the curiosity doesn't allow for it there's so much more that you want to not only experience for yourself but for your customers and win michelle.

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