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Did you see not so much his acting ability as man he's such a pack, but that's part of the charm is about of an actor Amy? I watched the first John Whitney out the first time the other day, and then we're gonna watch a second one, so we can go see the third one in theaters. But we were commenting on how just how terrible actor is. But it's almost kind of like there's almost a charm to him being bad. Well, the great thing about it is he's figured out. First of all, if you his acting ability is poor is just isn't very good. But his commitment to his craft is. Is almost unmatched. I mean, if you wanna know what he did just to the John wick movie. He only did it because he liked the director. It was a it was not going to be. It was not expected to be a huge Hollywood hit or anything like that. It was a very low budget film. He wanted to work with the director so guy who's worth one hundred million dollars or whatever is worth now. Well, a lot more. Now the John wicks out, but where the hundred million dollars didn't have to do anything. He didn't wanna do. He decides to do a low budget film with a relatively unknown director, spins six months, train as a fifty year old man like almost fifty year old man training, six to ten hours, a day in a Kito jujitsu, martial arts and, and gun handling skills in order to make performance flawless hasn't been in the military. If you haven't ever done that kind of work watching how he moves and how he handles the weapons. It's just that may. The whole movie for me. It really did it. That's the reason. I think John wick, the first one is one of the best movies ever, but his commitment to his craft is, is, is unmatched in my opinion. But yeah he's found the perfect niche. So in John wick, what does he have like a hundred words in the whole movie? It's just little short phrases. It's like I'll be seeing you at just little stuff like that. And so he's found niche where he can create blockbuster movies. He focuses on the things that he can dominate, and he works his tail off, and he keeps getting offers and got a similar to Arnold in one sense because Arnold is that way to are just isn't that great of an actor. But you but there's, there's a charm to him because of the way he embodies his roles and see the thing about see the thing about that was, you had a period in the in the late eighties early nineties, where it was all. All action movies. You didn't need a script like you didn't have to make sense. They just wanted to St. stuff blow up and see the body count. John Claude van Damme. John Claude van Damme was another one C at him and Stallone all those guys really got into the action movie business, and then who's a Wesley Snipes, and these guys all kind of became famous off the heels guys, like Chuck Norris,.

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