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He's not a show it. Now. He does. The quarter. Number two. That allows mile away four his mouth. He's not done yet. For the final time tile got it made though coming in the start finish line. He's in a wrap it up with a win in race play. He's going up Miami. Kyle Busch gets the victory punches his ticket to homestead Miami. And the bow afterwards for the fans racing for another championship. That was Jeff St. Dan Hubbard Kyle Ricky Joe more on the call from homestead. All right. Let's talk a little bit about on track off track. Because it doesn't happen. All that often. I think we agree on the first one. What do you got for on when you know for a long time Phoenix raceway has been out in that area, providing nationally Vince for a lot of NASCAR and IndyCar cart truck southwest or what you name it? We've renamed the race track ice raceway. They did an incomplete model renovation same architecture as the Richmond raceway and the fans absolutely loved. It heard nothing, but great rave reviews. The people that worked in the garage enjoy it the people that work around the garage the employers of the racetrack getting to and from the stands everything about the new ice race ways fantastic from a fan standpoint. And that's great access for the fan. Every everything is to just hang. Out and sit around victims getting close to one of the most coveted tickets in NASCAR is a hot pass. And that allows you in the garage and most of the time you can only get hot passes. If you know somebody you, and I have friends and family. Hey, a hot pass for ISM will now you don't need a hot pack got actually purchased one before that is a non purchaseable hot pass. Now, you can purchase one and physically stand three to four feet away from your favorite.

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