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Like, I always thought that the theories were that, that's what was used to knock down the walls of Jericho and all this stuff and some power with it. I didn't realize in there. I mean, they used for those things, and it went it went before them in battle because it carried you know, obvious meaning and and power the ten commandments and the ten commandments. Also, make another admission I've never seen that Indiana Jones flick either what Ploetz seriously. I mean, it's been on. But it wasn't sitting there absorbed in it. You gotta watch. Yeah. Yeah. I think there's something to do with snakes and stuff. And that kind of it wasn't a greatest vibe as cakes or not really the main. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I know I saw that scene and stuff like that. But yeah, I got to catch up on some flicks. I don't think the snakes are in the first one really rats are. I'm not really that franchise. Sorry. Yeah. You should check it out. It's a great. It's a great movie. Yeah. What about crystal scores? A greatest one of all of them, right? The worst movie ever ever made. Maybe. Okay. So socially by a main person, you know. Yeah. Yeah. Anyway. So I I know that the unit brought Christianity down there. All right. No. I knew that happen. And so maybe that's since it spread there. And it was maybe a safer place. They're saying send it way out of here down there. Yeah. Get completely out of Israel out of that area. And take it all the way down to Ethiopia in Africa and hide it. They're kind of makes sense. And so for, you know, thousands of years, then it's been in Ethiopia, and it's, you know, easy opiates probably probably the last place, you would expect to house the ark of the covenant. But that's according to the story, and she went the obvious that wouldn't let her in to look at it. Nobody can. But she went on that whole trip. And apparently, these people really believe it and bugs me, they become very spiritual over bugs me, though, that you know, we're not gonna look at it. You know, if you love to see it because if what your face melt off in the league and the movie. Yeah, new this don't want that you don't want that. So let me I don't like that. I don't like hide and stuff like that. You know, I want the sunlight, you know. Let's look at disinfected of sunlight, thank you. Let's check it out to see what's in there. All right. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three let me tell you about Cosmo hurts kids. It's this is Victoria her campaign. She is pretty much single handedly taken on the media giant, Cosmo magazine. And it's all the more amazing because her family, the Hearst corporation is the publisher of cosmopolitan magazine and she believes that Cozma oh contains pornography that's harmful to kids. So is she trying to Kirtane their freedom of speech issue? Trying to drive this magazine on a business. Notable. No, she's not all she wants to see happen is for states material harmful to minor laws. Be applied to Cozma like it is other forms of pornography. So that it can't be sold to kids under eighteen. Now, you might think one really you're going to say that Cosmo is porn. Well, you tell me. Here is a recent article from Cosmo five girl on girl on girl threesome positions you need to try immediately. Wonder woman said it best when it comes to pleasure men are unnecessary. Okay. So and then it's got a really nice drying of exactly what they're talking about. Now to me, that's porn and kids shouldn't have access to it. So if you'd like to help out if you believe as Victoria.

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