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Wing Yanni Gord Across the Panthers line. Left circle shoots wide, right? Even in the right point, foot shoots blocked. Here's Gord. Left Circle. Yanni Gord, five, that cord. Let's go, Lord well swerved to the right corner. Right point foot Left point circuit. Jeff kill circuit. Jeb rattles for Gord behind the net. Has taken away by noon tomorrow. Parkside held in foot, Right circle shot is wide rate. Pressure by the lightning strong and grabs an outlet to tip it to 11 the other way. Right wing Vetrano across the lawn. Right circle shoots save Made rebound is a long, one for circuit champ. Circuit kept just golf. Sit down the ice. Will this be in icing? No, they wave it off. How can you be the last man in your zone in your defenseman? Quite ice zip along burgers down there so vast Lonski plays and around the dear boards, knocking it down Islamic. Oh, right Circle. Right, Blomberg, Right point. Ekblad shoots blocked in front. Admit after that rebound turns it up near board's not out, held in Ekblad right circle, directed by the Lightning net rooted there on the far side, it is sorely Trying to clear he does, but hard in the back. Check. Blomberg. You're right, Chief. I mean, it's Fairly simple game when one team is working harder than the other. Yeah, sake, it's not complicated that way, Great and point out to center ice and Andre plot in the left wing. Possible I left point right circle, Cirelli. Quarter point by then apply. Lot. Lost it to Ekblad. Nice headman feed. Nolan Shari. Charred to the red line. Hangs it in lining down to nothing with 9 43 left in the second. Turn back the other way. Connects with Cirelli across the Panthers line. Right circle. Anthony Cirelli wheels holds connects with point by the death. Go back to surreally, but we're getting a call here. Be coming on. The Panthers will check on this when we were turned to nothing. Florida in the second lane in radio, whether it's 12 miles to the Pee wee football comeback of a lifetime 80 miles to your first hole in one or more like eight shots to the first hole, whether it's 240 back road miles to sleeping under the stars, or just a few blocks to the grocery store. Marathon has the fuel to keep your engine running at peak performance because you never know where life is going to take you for quality fuel through every mile. Philip it marathon. If you've ever been in a vehicle crash, then you know the impact caused by a collision. Now imagine the force of the crash. So great people are killed. My name is Eric. I sat behind the wheel and drove drunk..

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