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<music> hello from wonder media network and jenny kaplan and this encyclopedia will manifest in case. You're just tuning in. Here's the deal every weekday for a year taking five minutes to tell the story of a woman from throughout history and around the world world who you may or may not know about the definitely shed each month is dean and this month. We're talking about villain essence today. Let's let's go back to nineteenth century massachusetts to meet the most famous suspected axe murderer in history hers was the trial of her decade are villainess of the day is lizzy. Lizzy was born in fall river massachusetts in eighteen sixty two andrew and sarah borden and tremendous fortune fortune mostly in textiles and property development and was well known in fall river for being frugal lizzie and her older sister emma were raised in a religious household old spent their younger years heavily involved in church activities. Liz's mother died when lizzie was just two years old and three years later her father married married a woman named abby gray lizzie and emma booth heeded their mother from the beginning they thought she'd married their father from his fortune and they may have felt threatened because unlike their frugal father seemed the two sisters had expensive tastes on the morning of august fourth eighteen ninety two andrew borden left for work as usual the only people left at home when lizzie her mother and they're made bridget andrew came home a few hours slater and laid down for a nap on the couch. According to lucy's later testimony at approximately eleven fifteen in the morning. She found her father dad on the couch. It appeared that he'd been struck in the head multiple times with a sharp object abby the hated stepmother was found dead that upstairs brutally mutilated the coroner determined that abby had died about an hour before her husband police quickly came to the conclusion asian that the murderers had to be an inside job but they were confused by the lack of blood at either seen except for on the bodies themselves. They also couldn't find anything anything. Resembling a murder weapon prosecutors later argued that the weapon had famously been an axe suspicion almost immediately turned toward lizzy see her sister had been out of town at the time of the murder and it was well known that lizzie had issues with her father and stepmother. Her alibi was also unconvincing. Mincing lizzie claimed to have no idea where her stepmother was after nine a._m. And then she claimed that while her father was being murdered she was in the barn looking for lead sinkers occurs for a fishing trip but when the police examined the barn there were no footprints on the dusty floor. Police also learned that lizzie had visited a drugstore the day before the murder to buy a deadly poison on august eleventh lizzy was arrested at first the grand jury refused to the issue an indictment but then a family friend presented new evidence the friend had stayed with lucy the days following the murders and said that she witnessed lizzy lizzy suspiciously burning a blue dress in the kitchen fire lizzy had said the address was covered with pink. Lucy's made had previously stated that lizzie had been wearing a blue dress on the day of the murder the new evidence convince the jury to issue the indictment. The trial of lizzie borden began on june fifth eighteen ninety three in the new bedford courthouse. It was a public sensation. Even before the first gavel the newspapers had covered the story from the beginning and the country country was both enthralled by the story and split over lucy's guilt it was essentially the o._j. Simpson trial it's day lizzi had a high powered defense against he met her side including andrew jennings and george robinson the former governor of massachusetts. The jury was made up of twelve men newspaper accounts were very impressed with the performance of lee's lawyer george robinson who seemed to consistently poke holes in the prosecution's case they weren't nearly as impressed with the quality quality of the prosecution's bench in his summation of the defense andrew jennings argued. There is not one particle of direct evidence in this case from beginning wing to end against lizzie borden. There's not a spot of blood. There's not a weapon that they've connected with her. In any way shape or fashion robinson pinson who gave his own summation for the defense claimed that the crime could only have been committed by a maniac or the devil it certainly couldn't have been committed by a respectable lady. The jury deliberated for only an hour and a half before turning with its verdict not guilty today many speculate that the jury may have been more inclined blind convict had lizzy been a man most people in the late nineteenth century found it hard to believe that a woman of lucy's background pulled off such brutal killings how unladylike at said modern experts believe it's very likely but lizzie was guilty after the trial lizzie returned to fall river where she and her sister emma purchased a large home maple croft and lift a quiet existence lizzy was involved in the theater scene in town and mostly associated aided with what one might call bohemian types. She died at sixty seven years old and fall river and was buried next to her parents. Whether she killed her parents or not the story of lizzie borden the ax murderer holds a special and disturbing place in the american imagination and pop culture mythology. Stay tuned tomorrow for the story of another fascinating villainous special thanks to my favorite sister and co creator liz caplan talk to you tomorrow before we go a quick shout out to another show. I think you'll like checkout crooked media's weekly podcast keep it hosts ira madison the third and louis burtel discuss the latest in the ever colliding worlds pop culture and politics new episodes of keep it drop every wednesday so listen wherever you get your podcasts.

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