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You know he was a great effective leader as the head of the republican national committee he was well respected he did exceptionally well and making all of the trains run on time for the rnc in a presidential cycle and i think that's why a lot of people were excited that he was going he had a relationship with congress who had her he understood a national politics but i think the problem was they created an environment in the white house where you were more worried about keeping your job than doing your job and he did not have the ability to make decisions i'd have to say it's a little odd to see your chief of staff go everywhere with the president you really want your chief of staff back at the white house when you're off during your thing making sure that those trains are running on time to me that said he was more worried about being not being the guy in the room then he was trying to perform the work that he was supposed to do in the white house sign of insecurity about where he stood with the president let's not artist you know i was i was about to say all of us cover the campaign the rnc under ryan spree is leadership played a very significant about to speak with him played a very significant role in the ground game if getting donald trump elected president of the united states they did all sorts of things in this presidential election they didn't do four years or eight years earlier when barack obama was running for after the two thousand twelve election rights previous assembled a team to look at why they lost the two thousand twelve election lessons learned put together report in a two section sort of had one on mechanics and infrastructure and money and it had one on policy and messaging.

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