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Immediately almost immediately when the announcement of Rush Limbaugh's death, people started weighing in on his legacy, of course and There were arguments galore on social media yesterday, and there will be again today, reflecting the fact that Limbaugh was always Symbol of division. Right wing media outlets and personalities extolled Limbaugh as a Trailblazer. The trail he blazed was exactly why critics Derided him. The New York Times podcast host Joe Jean Causton or Custom summed it up this way. Rush Limbaugh was the first person I ever recognized, existed largely as a Rorschach test. She said. There's no talk radio was we know it without Rush Limbaugh said fellow broadcaster Sean Hannity. Hannity went on to say there would be no Fox News or or even some of those other opinionated cable networks. Were it not for Limbaugh. Conservative columnist Ben Shapiro tweeted similar sentiments Rest in peace. Rush Limbaugh, the creator of talk radio, and, by extension, the alternative media. An indispensable and iconic conservative voice, but then on the other side You hear? You heard the truth. For instance, CNN media analyst Bill Carter said. Bombastic, egotistical. He took advantage of grievance. Hmm. Ah, hugely effective communicator, but But he was propelled by ugly rhetoric, hate filled views and a deep, mean streak. Mm. And Huffing, composed, published this banner headline. Bigot. Misogynists, homophobes crank Rush Limbaugh dead, Hmm. So there you go. Yeah, I mean, he wouldn't call him the inventor of talk radio, but he's certainly perfected it. Um, and you can draw a direct line from Rush Limbaugh, like Hannity said to himself to Fox News to January. 6th. It's all there. You can also draw a direct line from Ronald Reagan. Saying to the FCC. There's too much regulation over radio got it. We've got to get get the government out of radio and you used to be, um There used to be the fairness doctrine that went out the window and gave rise to people like exact Rush Limbaugh. Travis Barker is launching His own CBD wellness line. Mm. I guess he's really into you know, vegans. He's a vegan, I think and in the holistic healing, and now he's dating Kourtney Kardashian. Really? Yeah, and I was just I happened to see that and it said said she's she has her own line of stuff, and she has a website that she promotes. And it's like Gwyneth Pal throws, you know, she gonna Paltrow has group You know what Courtney Kardashians is called. Scoop push. Huh? He O s age. Bush. So if you want to find all things that Courtney I don't I don't know why you would open. Who should know about Thank you. Bush. Okay, don't don't type that and you'll get something completely different. Utah reporting yesterday. I think nine Yeah, this just yesterday 901 new coronavirus cases the third day in a row that the number was below 1000. Which is, you know, certainly good news. There weren't many vaccines given out yesterday, however, no because of the weather. Check your local health department to see when you are appointment If you had one. Has been rescheduled. Um, massive snowfall. On quaking. Yeah. Increased, Uh, avalanche danger. On the Inter lodge edict was still I don't Is it still in effect today? I'll let me look, I know that little Cottonwood Canyon is close. Still, Um they're they're still doing Ah, Mitigation in little complicated. Big Cottonwood canyons open. Let me about 5 Ft of Snow. In, um 5 Ft of snow since the beginning of the week in Little Cottonwood Canyon. So what the Inter Lodge is, you have to keep people inside in a safe space inside of a building. When there is maximum avalanche danger, the Avalanche dangerous So, so I mean, there was an avalanche in my backyard yesterday. That's how bad it is so and it's and it's not just so the inter lodge means you know you're stuck and say the Elta Lodge and you can't leave and they were even telling people to stay away from the windows. While you're in the lodge. It's been over 56 hours since in her large restrictions were put in. Place it out on Monday. It's It's a record for how long In effect, it is still in effect. Does that go for Snowbird as well? Now, let's see. This is from Elta. Freezing temperatures, of course in Texas show no signs of warming soon in Texas on dozens of residents have ventured on foot and by boat to go rescue. Um Sea turtles. Yeah, that They're not used to this cold on and they are endangered. By late Tuesday, volunteers working with sea turtle incorporated had transported more than 3500 comatose seaters. Um That I said. I saw pictures on Twitter. There was one from Reuters and then from someone who works as a volunteer to help save the sea turtles, and it was like This room full of sick turtles. Just a convention center? Yeah, just lying there. And then there was the back of this woman's Subaru filled with sea turtles. And they're just they're just stunned that were frozen. There were they can't They can't stand that kind of cold. Racial unrest across the United States. In the past several months, and Congress is now taking another look at what's called reparations. Um, some a bill has been introduced in every legislative session. Uh, in, uh, Texas. I think it is since 1989 and nearly two years since the last hearing on House resolution, 40. Bill that would make payments to African Americans who have who can I think that you have to prove that you have a direct Um, lineage to slaves. People who were brought here against their will and forced into slavery. Um, and there would be some sort of Ah, A cash settlement. For those people. Of course. When Burgess owns our representative hears about this, he he blasts that idea. He's just Now he is Cendant of slaves, he says Hey, and he constraints his family back like that. But he says that Democrats exploring reparations for African Americans. That's not the way to write our country's wrong, he says. He says. It's it's I've been sort of on the fence about it myself. But now that I know Burgess thinks it's a terrible idea, So what does he suggest you have any suggestions?.

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