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The second half to down Washington on the road thirty three twenty eight a lot of the right to Auburn scoreless again still all miss about two minutes in their number for Clemson finished off Wofford fifty nine fourteen Notre Dame a late rushing touchdown from quarterback Ian book that with other thirty seconds to play and it sends the fighting Irish past Virginia Tech twenty one twenty at the top of the hour number seven Oregon faces U. S. C. and be a drain on grain is out for the warriors tonight because of a sprained left index finger Golden State or what's left of them hosting the Hornets pistons guard Reggie Jackson is out four weeks with back issues the pistons leading the nets without him nineteen and nine thunder beat the pelicans one fifteen one oh four one of the game in progress magic twenty two nuggets fourteen late first quarter baseball the nationals enjoying their championship parade manager Davey Martinez had heart surgery just over a month ago obviously feeling much better I got tell me watch my heart I got fans screaming at me all this right here sure it is hot NFL the chiefs activated backup quarterback Chad Henne he's been out since the preseason with a broken ankle sign Matt Moore will start and Patrick my homes will miss another week Titans activated kicker Ryan Succop releasing Cody Parkey the patrons of activated their first round pick wide receiver to kill Harry off injured reserve New England faces Baltimore tomorrow on Sunday night football Steelers cut veteran receiver Donte Moncrief and Panthers pass rusher Merial Addison will be out tomorrow against the Titans Carthy week nine includes a P. interconference battle between the Vikings intrigues the best NFL talk.

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