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That right definitely call get your cat game go in do some whiskers thrashed saab yes we're going to have a network enough some really cool tshirt donnas can address like a cash she's gonna have whiskers on which means she doesn't need to do anything at all and yes that here's l nder day i'd yeah i just said i just wanna wax if you just all lags i'll come with my whiskers as they are and also coming up today also we have got a couple of giveaways t that really cool a ghost story do okay we poked fun at this movie but then but in all reality this movie looks really good at liberty clever it's the one with casey affleck under a sheet and it's call the ghost story but series we looks really good we can't believe how this director pulled it off or casey affleck is literally walking round under a bed she the entire movie but it looks really good and we have two pairs of tickets to give away today so stay tuned throughout the show and we'll be giving those away yes and then steve patterson's going to be joining us coming up at 1030 this morning for a whole hour because he's going to be doing that every day from now on and we we have to talk about what you had in your purse yesterday because every once in a while we do watson donnas purse and so steve did have some first hand exposure to through in your purse yesterday overruled resort are gonna talk about that a tent sale have to stay tuned if you want to find out what was in donnas pursed yesterday but then he did something else kinda fun yesterday i had do something find you what did you do i played with baby wolves diana's dancing with wolves i'll tell you about that later i again play the walls i did yeah it was really colors like twenty baby wolves and allah i'll put up a little if it is yeah why or it's they just don't have the line they're they're you know they're in captivity to be protected they would these were wolves that were found and their mom had died so they were taken into custody and yet yeah they were hanging out with a.

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