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Instead. And I could tell by looking at Rick Scott. Oh, this isn't what I thought it was going to be. It was obvious he'd been crying. His eyes are all puffy and the original FBI person had flown in from Quantico to be there to deliver the news. So I I knew that as soon as I opened the door and saw them I knew at that moment. It has been absolutely agonizing for Melissa the past 12 years, but especially since part the partial remains were found that not knowing there's nothing worse. Every nightmarish, horrific, horrendous. Nightmare of the worst monster you could ever imagine. Like that's what goes through your mind every minute. You don't know, but I I still worry about that, and I don't know what her final hours or days where life Don't know. And how do you go through life? Knowing that one day you had a beautiful 10 year old child with a Incredibly bright future and she was just gone. And she had this message for her daughter's killer. I'm coming for you. They may think they've gotten away with it. But obviously, if they ever turn on the news, they know every day. They're solving 50 year old murders long before DNA. It's going to happen and It would be nice if they would just man up and turn themselves in and make it easy on everybody or continue to spend what little bit of time and freedom you have left looking over your shoulder because it's coming. And so now they are trying to see if there's just any connection to this person who has been arrested in that other cold case, and what I've been told is just that they're They're very similar. The cases and I'm hearing from some of my sources in the Lindsay bomb investigation that This man was in fact, in McLeary the day that Lindsay disappeared. So have they assumed the DNA testing process is underway. There's nothing to do. There's not enough of Lindsay. There isn't that in the original cold case, the rape case. Um, but in Lindsay's case, there was just a partial Facial bone is what they found the hunters, and that's how they identified. Heard There was not anything with DNA on it, which is why genetic genealogy hasn't been able to be used so far in that case. Yeah. All right. When do we get the next update on this? You know as soon I'm hoping to hear more this afternoon, and I know private investigator that's working. The case is also digging into some stuff and I I hope to know more either today or in the next coming days. It will be the 12th anniversary of Lindsey's disappearance next week. Well, that really with the mother is just that that breaks your heart. It really it was I drove. She doesn't go to McLeary. She doesn't live there anymore, and she never goes there. But we met there for that interview and sat in the back of the library is very small town and, um, just had a heart wrenching conversation for about an hour and a half. She's an incredible woman. I don't know how she does it. Hurry. Does Hannah Scott Hannah Thanks 8 21 Seattle's Morning news. Israel has resumed airstrikes on Gaza, blaming damage caused by incendiary balloons launched by Palestinian militants. They felt they had to retaliate..

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