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Record could write them so why don't you think that there will preserve or try to keep really donald trump has made an co vied now in the future candidate that can be they now have a grab for which was big enough that donald trump gave them and my concerning that every eu candidate that they were there may be no kanu could be i'm corkery good guy right i would need you bet you you were wrong where he donald trump base that he brings you know and i know what i think we when you say that you know what i think this is the challenges to us donald trump gonna be donald trump greg gianforte the guy who bodyslammed the reporter that you referred to as he's going to do what he's going to do a deal i i was what i was predicting i was amazed i said before the election i'd be surprised if fifty million people voted for donald trump but he ended up getting virtually exact same numbers mitt romney four years earlier what that tells me is it all the republicans and i mean every single last one of them fell in line i didn't see all the democrats fall in line and that's why hilary lost because she underperformed by two to five percent across the board and that's just a thorough people after the election went on tv and said our postelection analsysis hillary underperformed by two to five percent across the board and by the way these contest yuccas i'm sure you know these contests of fought the margins so view underperformed due to five percent you lose you lose florida you lose or hiault you lose north carolina you lose a whole lot of states eu supposed to win and your margins in other states you supposed to win easily go down and that's what happened hillary but jacques there were sixty two million republicans there were for romney there were for trump we know what their number is when i see sixty two million i'm not worried about them if there were any republicans amongst them who have finally said i can't take it anymore and i've done in their out then let them go we need to organize we need to find sixty three million in fact we had 66 millie there.

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