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And weather on the eighths back to Jack and the Traffic Center now. Case you missed it. The big news downtown. We have had a long closure on D. C to 95 going north. Founded been blocked for hours between Pennsylvania Avenue and Burton Burrows Avenue. You're gonna find all travel lanes reopened. And the South bound rubbernecking seems to be easing. Coming in from Burroughs Avenue. Topside, outer loop. You're still gonna have delays from about New Hampshire over toward Georgia Avenue. They've been off road activity in Maryland on to 70 South bound out of Havana. Along the right side of the roadway seems to be a delay continuing south of that down toward 109, the only slow down down toward Bethesda were quiet between the Beltway's on 95 in the bottom of Washington Parkway. Have been activity to 70 south on the ramp to 3 70. It was reported crash off the roadway to the right and on. I 70 as you go eastbound toward to 70 exit 53 A. There's been a reported crash. Use Caution beers Mill Road eastbound. Your broad would drive crashed under police direction. Still have accident activity on 100 up in Ellicott City, going westbound near Exit two for roots. One of foreign wanna wait staying right to get by. You'll find in Virginia. We had activity and Lord and mainline North found after exit. 1 63. If anything was left, it was over on the right shoulder. So at least you're traveling Zehr open on Route seven of near Idol would road we'd had a reported crash. Short timing signals. Causing some trouble in Woodbridge, Old Bridge Road at Harbor Drive 66 in the eastbound direction. You've been very heavy at a Manassas going eastbound the ramp to go 29 north up in Centerville that accident activity had been blocking the ramp. The crash apparently cleared the ramp has reopened. Also the activity that it caused a major slowdowns on the George Washington Parkway North bound before the Roosevelt Bridge. Ah, vehicles off the road way to the right. Police showed up with a tow truck. They had to close the roadway temporarily to remove the vehicle. All that activities been cleared and rest in north bound on the Fairfax County Parkway Up near the toll road. There'd been an earlier crash. You may find yourself under direction on the rails this morning v R E Fredericksburg LINE TRAIN 3 14 is running late. It's kind of a mechanical issue near Leland Road W T. A P Reporters were given by Fitzgerald Auto Mall Shop. It's first and save money. Choose from thousands of used cars and trucks visit.

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