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The light and show other people i listen this is bigger than football this is the issue that affects affects society the urban community and be on this isn't an issue where we sit back and we say no what captures cavs just you know kind of said his brandin trying to do something is or he tried to bring awareness the things that affected me in my community when i was growing up and that still plagues my community and this and we have to be when i look at this this plagues the nfl this will forever haunt the nfl because right now in training camp the guys across the league will watch a video right who is going to have uh roger goodell is going to have referees is going to have all this stuff about how to protect the shield how to protect the brain here we are a guy who's a party nfl who've who's been a staple in nfl the nfl's not protect and hip their throw him out the passer so guys are saying hey you're telling every guy and and lead to say hey protect the brand weirdest shoe where's the shield for colin kaepernick do you think this is hurting the nfl shield i think it is it has never that cause what you toilet would you tell them the players today if you step out of line it doesn't matter if you do you y you hit a woman or several drugs or whatever the case may be if you step over line when he edged up over the line when the crumbs a regards at a flag look you will be to you would be example like colin capital cal academy gives going through the heart beat how would you have handled the situation if you were on the forty nine is last year pardon me when i i was i was i was troubled by this because first you know i did think about my money as a player i was a man you know if i'm a rookie you know do i can i can i step out there and go through cap is going through a possibly never play again but then it was my wife who by all accounts told me to you know it was an embarrassment for for me to make that comet considering would jim brown said aroma mohammad ali pursued in with some of the great athletes have sacrificed for me.

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