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The boardwalk Coming up later in money news Bad job interview Post about it I'm Jeff label Well they change let's go back to rob stallworth in the WTO key traffic center Thanks for Shayna looking pretty good on the beltway in Virginia between Alexandria and McLean westbound I 66 passing one 23 headed toward 50 may have at least one lane blocked at least the right lane block for broken down vehicle or crash We do see help is on scene we can actually see that part of the camera although it is a little fuzzy as a result of the snow eastbound 66 decent ride leaving Gainesville headed toward the beltway route 28 in chantilly northbound near willow road that was a reporter crash southbound 28 near 66 large pothole along the right side to watch out for that could each retires otherwise in purcellville route 9 now open between sagal road and Harper's ferry road from the earlier broken down vehicle I 95 and I three 95 looked good for now between Fredericksburg and the 14th street bridge with lanes open If you're in Maryland two 70 a decent ride leaving Frederic headed toward Rockville was found I 70 near sharpsburg pike exit 29 the right lane was blocked for one broken down there I 97 South Bend after business three and new card road that crashes wrapped up and gone If you traveling in Columbia's westbound one 75 near thunderhill road the right side is blocked for the crash in response on scene thanks to Scott for that information If you're traveling at this point on two 16 near all saints road we had all lanes blocked we understand a down tree to watch out for that Traveling across the bay bridge route 50 both ways of course we do have wind restrictions in effect there as well as the hairy nice Mac Middleton braid so keep that in mind for traveling on route 6 near posey town road We have some utility work taking place right now if you can believe that So use caution traveling through that location In the district I two 95 and D.C. two 95 running well with no real issues keep in mind if you're traveling in southeast Minnesota avenue between G and F streets we do have some flooding that's taking place there near fort DuPont follow police direction in order to get around after that you guys should enjoy decent Ryan continuing on Minnesota avenue with no real issues ID me saving taxpayers over $210 billion securing identities providing equitable access and preserving control of personal data more at ID dot me slash hour promise I'm rob stallworth WTO traffic Thanks Robin a live weather report now was stormed in Forrest Steve prince new valley hey Steve Good wintry Saturday afternoon Shayna it is a nasty Saturday needless.

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