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Because honestly, I keep an open mind. That's great. That's what you need to do in this just think it's important. Yeah. Until the very last second whenever I close the floor for questions. Yeah. Then on mind, then you close your mind, but until then keep an open the right attitude about you, Matt did you remember what you were going to ask? No, no. I think it was. Oh, no, no. I was gonna ask. Are you fulfilled in the first scenario fulfilled? So do you have are you comfortable in your skin? Yeah. You did ask that? And you're not. No. But are you fulfilled? No. You're not. Well, again, I love it. So I I don't know how the other side's can't drag me. Yeah. No. I know you've been I Kona popped by the best, my friend. Well, I haven't closed the floor for questions. Forgetting what the seven quest. Let's David Schwimmer. He's your person. What was the first part of that one? Like, so you don't you're never a successful as appealing to. Okay. Great. And then he's my sister does David Schwimmer, use iphones, blackberry, as your personal. This is great question. Yeah. He uses one of those old blackberries with the raised typewriter dec- have bad breath. Yes. He does is it really bad. It's the worst. I kind of want to do this. But you please keep your mind. Oh, very open open minds here. His brain. Now open. David Schwimmer thick when you say what exactly do you mean? Big whoop. Smalley speak. He is he's he's the absolute thing. So just to sort of talk about that will Amina do you really want to be attracted to your assistant because that gets into all sorts of workplaces. Dominance potent. Again, he can't quit kit quit. But then he's a constant sort of he's under duress. A service. I'm not asking for me because I want a thick I slept with thick person is not what I took like a one time. I slept with that thick person. It was Hogue. Good. Even though you got shot. It was so good that. Now, you're judging being shot. It was so good because I got shot. So that's what you're into your like your masochist. No, no, I just like being shot. So you're perfect man has big moves small waist. Big bud and shoots, you know. See? You guys have got me fucked up. No, I slept with thick person. He rocked my world. All right. That's not to say that I exclusively seeking thick partner. That's a Meryl non partner us all you've talked as it because I looked like I belong with thick partner as it because it is L K. Well, that's your perception which I don't have to take ownership of. But don't you. What people think about me I'm supposed to like make my things that kind of the truth were all skirting around close the floor for questions. Jake. Have you close your mind yet? Okay. Good. All right. Let's go around the room, by the way. There's no more questions. No more wiggle room on this, by the way. Don't try to ask any questions here. All right. No, willa Amina willing Nita. No. I know you have several questions about how thick someone is. I'm not going to allow it..

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