Hamas, Tomas, Gaza discussed on The Tel Aviv Review - The Burden of Responsibility: Hamas Rule in Gaza


Then there were a lot of problems with so old fair and bureaucrats old there for example in the judicial system old dad judges and lawyers clocks and so on they went on strike after hamas took over so what would hamas do what they need to employ new people to handle this and then of course very questionably while they hide people who were loyal tomas and then that would be questionable from impartial point of view the i'm just curious in terms of governance any do they collect taxes and pay civil servants and functioning state institutions can they function like a state government hamas functions definitely asa it's a de facto state in gaza they have no plans on in any foreseeable future refuse with the west bank a case hamas in a critical situation especially now as we are recording this but during all the us when i was in gaza and also we can see now they are devising fiveyear plans for how to continue with their governance in gotha so so the ongoing efforts to reach some so sort of powersharing with funds have not been entirely genuine no i would agree to that you are you that both sides were not truly committed to it yellow which will come on hamas had i met with arafat at hubbelrath not yana no of course and hamas is holding onto goss as this is what they have this is their strategic asset now if they are pushed out of gaza.

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