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Still have the power play it has to be served in its entirety quite a bit blood on the ice behind the net daryl worst dairy got hit and usually if he gets bumped on your nose or at your nose and the boards or glass. That's where a lot of the bleeding comes from but we won't speculate but scary seem to shake it off and I guess they can stop the bleeding. He might be back when you look at attitude the minute he was hit when his head came off the glass there was already blood that was hitting the ice. which would lead me to play? The doubt initiated from his nose. He's made his way down. uh-huh down the hallway there towards the Kings Locker Room. So we'll give you an update as it goes where we come back to the bench so the kings with a fabulous opportunity to start the scoring the team. That has scored I in every game has won that game here in these Stanley Cup final. The king scored I in Games one one through three up three games than on the devil scored I in the last two games to fall to a three two deficit Bernie five per boarding game misconduct at turn. Ten kings the way to approach this and they've got to have a shot mentality. You don't want to sit there and look at the house. Five minutes to work around yet. The puck to the the nets make the goaltender makes them safe yet. The penalty killers moving the penalty killers for New Jersey. They do a good job of keeping their structure. Allow you to move it around the perimeters kings win the draw setup. The power play Richards right point across on left-wing Williams to the Circus Williams Holding Williams at the goal line Brown spins couldn't get a shot loose puck high high slot dowdy a shot. Save rebound clear to the Blue Line out the center ice by the devils doughty had a good look from between the circles kings. On a major ager power play first period scoreless doughty up the Middle Dowdy over the line. doughty check. PUTT paled in Copa Charter Williams. Right side up high to Richard Richards dishes off left side Doughty doughty spinning holding outside the Left Circle still would doughty in traffic. Got To richards with a shot just wide now brown in the right corner to the Circle Brown out to COPA tired or richards. Touch pass to doughty. Doughty shot dips go Dustin Brown v Shot from about five at the top of the crease and the Kim's kings score early on the major power play and they're up in game six one nothing. I'll Dustin Brown started book on the opposite side of the ice getting back to the point and then he drove right into the slot. Area drew docherty getting it off the umbrella. He Hits Dustin Brown right right between the Hash marks a nice little direction by Brown and the Kings the power play lead dowdy wristed it towards the net and Brown tipped it right right between the pads of Brodeur the power play goal at eleven three kings till will demand advantage Dwight Cain with it at the devils line slap it in down low power play time left just under four minutes walk out of the Blue Line Willie Mitchell right side for point off Voinov line off sends it in download stole rims around for Jeff Carter Carter outside left circle turned the puck over. Elliott will clear it down three thirty left on the power play one nothing kings here in the first period staples slava point off off for Williams to the doubles line. Feeds it down low right corner. copay tar lost the PUCK Jayanta with it. Fires it off the boards and passed Nov down the ice quick out fires around the glass. KNOCK DOWN BY COPA. Taro sweeps it behind his net on the right wing side for Roy off and announce Williams Williams and traffic Williams for Willie Mitchell. Mitchell ahead for Coal Petar power-play Kings Petar devils line to ground moves down. Low feeds it cross ice held in doughty left side Martinez now for Brown Lab Circle Brown a shot blocked and the cleared by the devils Henry to forty left on the major power. Play Brown's power play goal at eleven three as the Kings in front Martinez over the line. Got It in deep will chase it down with Henry Contender Richards there as well. Richards the Brown Brown holding skin from slot. Put it in the upper right corner brook door. Mayo Basit Dustin Brown with two power play goals on the major penalty to burn. Yeah in the kings are up to nothing. Therein gained six while a great play again. Dan vibe Richard Campbell. He was able to pick up the PUCK along the boards. He gets it to round who filtered into the slot area and deters the corner a little bit of traffic confront he throws it gloveside upstairs and kings are up to nothing. Dustin Brown now with nine goals in the playoffs his first two goals in ten games career. come the Kings Martinez over the line. Shot goes off pain. Stick and out of play. The kings first goal out eleven even all three Dustin Brown from drew doughty and Mike Richards grounds second goal at twelve forty five night. The Playoffs Primary Assist Richards and Alec Martinez will draw an assist as well kings win the draw. They still have time on the major sure powerplay to nothing kings here at Staples Gonyea left circle in deep Richard behind the net richards. Holding into the right corner. Richard speed tonight a pie. Hi It's blocked and cleared by the devils two minutes to go on the power play drew doughty behind his own net. Living at four Mike Richards Richards check got it ahead to King White King. The rookie couldn't shoot in Mitchell and the kings will reset. They've made changes a minute. Forty on the power play drew doughty. Jarret stoll stole wines. I shot say by Broder rebound in the corner tip behind the net dependent Benner and a battle with Dwight Kane. Kane wins the battle. Got It out to join off. But he couldn't hold it in kings at center Ice Willie Mitchell across the slava. Voinov up going off taking a look the devils make changes and then at ten on the power play going off ahead for stole turns light at center ice and feeds across the Mitchell. Chill now Willie Mitchell inside his line pressured a little bit by Eliash got it to Voinov boy off holding on going off. Walk down low pressured get rid of it. Slava Voinov finally on right wing go Williams skating her own into the zone right circle stops up hurls else. Hit Hard puck held him dowdy. Diz Pass Block tipped in the Slot Brown couldn't reach devils. Play it out to centers as Jack with a shot dribbles in on quick and quick will cover up to get a whistle with thirty seven seconds left on a major to burn the kings APP score twice on the major power play. Dustin Brown two goals in a span of a minute forty.

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