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Drive usable lakeshore drive. It's all on one, You know, Roadway that's all compact in one place, not a zigzag of broken Closed streets like it is for the marathon, and like it was last week for the triathlon. I heard stories about by that, Uh and then so I'm all Mr Positive. I'm all I'm ready to come in here, Mr Positive. Until Mr Grouchy pain. Oh, my gosh. I was in Evanston comes somehow I wound up in Evanston. I kept making right turns. How did you like it's just one drive that's closed. No, I came so messed came taking. I took lower Wag. That's a question. People have been asking about health and Jim for many years. Listen, anyone messed up. No, I took lower Wacker. The the ramp was closed. Then I turned I went to Columbus. The ramps to get on Lake Shore drive no to get your driving on Lower Wacker to get up. For some reason that was closed. I took a left. I got back on Lower Wacker is going to turn on Columbus, Columbus was closed both ways I had to make a U turn because those are the streets that feed into Lake Shore Drive. Of course the well then what? How did I get here? I don't even know how I got here. We've all been asking that question dating back to 29. Your parents should have had that talk with you a long time ago. But no, it took me further show will sit down and I'll explain it took me 20. I'm not exaggerating. I got here much earlier than I got here. I was driving around for 20 minutes. And I finally found my way. I don't even know how I made a left turn and found myself And what is that ran? No, that's not Randolph. I don't even know what Wacker I found myself on Wacker again. 20 you might this annoying when I'm complaining about the the roads? Am I this? How did you get my this annoying sounding? Well, okay. I'm gonna take that as a yes. What do you think I get it? At least this time. I remember that the bite the drive was going on. So I took the Kennedy in here today. But Hollis, it's no big. Yeah, I did run in the one problem as Jim was saying, Lower Wacker Right there at Columbus. You couldn't turn left to get to the garage, so I turned around and went back up city front. Back to Michigan and then did a U turn. And then some of Wacker listen to and I didn't get here easily either. But it was it was better than last week, Not the end of the world. Just you know, it's just like one small 11 turn where I normally turn into park in this building. Was closed. I wouldn't just drove around the block. I was I found I was a Wrigley Field. I don't know how I got there. I made three laps and I saw the big Red side. It's a little ways away for Wow. From where we are now, friend. I will never complain. This is This is why, you know, sometimes you need a mirror held up to you to sure. And even though it's been funny all these years, even though people actually you know, in the weeks leading up to the marathon. People are emailing me. Are you going beyond on marathon Sunday? We love when you complain about everything, the the requesting it they re question but I have to rethink it. Now, after listening to whiny muk whining shuttle no from bike the drive. Ride the bike. I don't know why you called me 20. Have you had it on every newscast that you've done this morning? We have indeed, as has every newscast. We have not only not only in our traffic report, but The news. It's not an antenna TV. I don't even know it exists. Well, another words you only listen to traffic. Bonnie Franklin Delivery. Very Riesner isn't saying it I'm not doing I don't blame you for that. Wow. Wow. And you know, like any of us should complain about, uh, driving who's been on the road for the last week or so. Upwards of 2000 miles round trip. Wow,.

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