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And when I say be nice you know we have these we have but believe it or not we're lucky we have three total people that send me nasty emails and they use fake email addresses and and they write this so I know who they are and all they got to do is on mass themselves and have a nice healthy debate that's all except there's one we got the F. B. I. work and let's put it that way but I get the latest one today from a fake email address short idiot Gary call bomb you don't take sides on anything people already know you take sides so stop lying Gary call bomb you lying and effort and of course he spells it out no I don't take sides they all noisy eight me they of all let us down politically everyone everyone they all work for themselves they don't do anything for us the corrupt the leasing I think we got the twenty three trillion of death and I get these emails back trumps concert he's not a conservative trump trillion dollar deficit he's breaking records there there is nothing conservative about that we don't want trillion dollar deficits hello anyway so to to the guy whose call me an MFR Hey is what I'm gonna do for you ready I'm gonna give you immunity email me tell me who you are all will be forgiven I'll even send you a coupon for dinner at your nearest chick fillet or something and all that today was a free that tomorrow we're back with the impeachment inquire re tomorrow of where the Socialist Party that has absolutely no no game whatsoever is good they bring on other people to tell you that Donald Trump is the anti Christ and he should be removed from office and with doing this even though we can't remove him from office and whatever you know that'll be tomorrow you know and of course it is Thursday so we're pre taping the show in the final hour right now it is three thirty eight PM eastern time in central Florida where it's looking a little rainy and a little cloudy little dark clouds haven't seen that in awhile and I'm supposed to go to London this week for business and it got canceled I'm actually happy because a looking at the weather was forty five and rainy so I may be going in December which is even worse isn't pretty cool I get the same one a London on business little may all we got out of it not a ton of things to cover they but things of importance to cover mainly something happened today in the market but I wanted you to know about but first now the school shooting looks like a fifteen year old not short student or not I think looks like two dead this to this the fifteen year old shot I think it's a him himself that's all we know right now that's all we know fingers crossed no more sorry we had a start with that okay we had some bad news today I'm trying to trade it was announced that the no they're not sure if they're going to get any deal done this phase one because China may be asking for too much in the United States is not looking to do that and I will tell you six weeks ago I would be coming to you right now telling you Dow's down two hundred and fifty that was down three hundred that's what I would be telling you swear at three forty PM eastern time the Dow was down two points after being down ninety earlier what gives Gary well listen carefully again and I mean and you're not going to get this anywhere else and I know why and I know you're not getting anywhere else because I have people watching for me and I'd watch I got three TV's going at once J. Powell's printing more money than Ben Bernanke dead nine percent unemployment and in the depths of hell of financial meltdown and since the low one oh nine every time central banks of gone easy on a specially printed money markets have had more legs to the upside and that's what you're saying now and I don't think anything's going to stop it now I don't know how much and I don't know if we're gonna pull back first and not and I'm not a predicting guy and I and listen carefully if I think tomorrow the big distribution comes in that changes the flying field I will tell you but I have to tell you in the front of my mind is how can they not keep rowing the market up two billion dollars a day that's what we know of but we're finding out it's a run room rates you're ready a five billion a day four point five billion a day that's liquidity into the system and I got a great question Hey Gary so what is the mechanism that gets markets to move higher just because the fed is printing money and buying them while they're saying they're buying short term bonds now my answer is I don't have I have no clue the only thing I do know the default setting of the market since normally has been the and you know we don't have to go back to nine how many times have I told you hear this number Christmas Eve day the fed changed stamps the day after Christmas the market bottoms routed to end the April market went through a six to ten percent correction in to make that change of stance that day the market bottom rallied up came down said lowered rates and then lowered a second time and lower the third time and that said wait a minute markets not doing anything okay let's print the crap out of money and of course J. Powell is alliance sack of monkey crap goes right to the public just like any politician says wayment went with it don't call a quantitative easing it's not printing the money even though Bill Neff printing money of course these people in the media don't don't ask him the question why are you lying it is the definition of printing money and is the definition of what made markets go higher but these imbeciles in the media don't even know what's Sandom frontals front of them and they know if they ask too tough of a question.

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