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Fire departments around the country reacting with alarm to the shooting death of a firefighter in long beach california now in our state changes could be coming to the way firefighters are trained here's komo's corwin hake the combination of active fire and active shooter was unthinkable when spokane battalion chief david heiser began his firefighting career twenty five years ago when i got hired on the job at never would have crossed my mind let yesterday long beach fire captain dave rosa died in a shooting while responding to a fire at a retirement home investigators say a resident set the fire deliberately expecting to shoot at first responders in spokane heiser tells our news partner k xl y having not only the fire to contend with but an active shooter is something that has not been part of our training at this point fire departments around the country have begun training to treat gunshot victims in mass casualty situations but this kind of medical assistance has never overlap with actual fire response training eiser says that may soon change corwin hake komo news on the issue of firefighter safety seattle firefighters respond to one hundred twenty thousand calls in a typical year and they see everything from medical emergencies to people in mental health crisis two fires in homeless encampments komo's jennifer sullivan was more on the changes they're seeing assistant chief brian hastings became a seattle firefighter in the nineteen eighties they're worth a tense the hazardous drug needles and he says you didn't have to constantly watch your back it's a delicate balance between maintaining your focus and keeping aware that you need to keep your options open that option hastings says is knowing when to call for police backup that call is something firefighters are now being asked to do more often we're trying to express their firefighters is it is better to conservatively call police then to wait and see if it can play out this supposed rivalry between police and firefighters no longer exists in seattle he's says that was so many people living on the streets and mental crisis the departments have to work closely together and in a policy change teams of six or more firefighters will now respond to emergency calls in areas of homeless shelters another trusted member of a youth sports organizations suspected of stealing thousands from the group allison miller is.

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