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That'd be a fun tandem there. Anyway. I got calls to make to get this thing done. I think digs though. I think you do prove pretty vital. Job in that oath thing. I got info. Would have to find a spot though. I don't know how we five twenty twenty is too. But you got the focus on one thing. I it's like there's a lot going on up there, by the way. So it's that's spotter it with my glasses on them, basically a hawk. So when we are you trying to work your way into the shot. I mean, if I if I'm standing in front, all you guys waving like that other fucking. Yeah. Yeah. I am. A good guy. Don't take shots. It seems quite a shot unwarranted. But whatever. All right. So that's the plan. Right. You know, what you know, what I've been flying around for months shaking hands people from all these places not one from Amazon can't wait to get on a flight. Have that? Fucking great. Good idea there gourmet spat. Anybody might gourmet is not a ninety five year old man now almost. Because you can't speak into a microphone. I gotta eat this thing number. I got the shit end of the Mike's on here. Okay. With it. It's not that bad. You. I wanna let everybody know. I offer job five years ago. I did really offer Gordon's job five years ago. He because I was just going to stand up and he was a torn manager and I enjoyed working with them. And I think he was trying to not have me quit football at that time. So he was like, no, no, no, no not was. Yeah. Yeah. He was like, no, no two phone conversations. Let's think about this again. Yeah. Yeah. The fuck up click. It was real. It was a real thing. And then Gorms wasn't work for Fox Sports radio. Great show. Now are here that shows. Great freaky. Every time. I want on that show. I thought this shows great. You're great. You're great. I loved having you on because boy you brought it. I we needed a few times we need it. No. I think it's an interesting thing the. The daily talk show thing. I think this is the same thing with broadcasting. I think people feel like it's supposed to be done a certain way. And I just in my head. I'm Mike it, isn't you can tell me all these stats. Tell me what have worked. But my job is to tell you what I think will work. Yeah. And it's that's the if it doesn't fire me or or go back to the usual shithead do. Do. Big moneymaker for my head. I'm thinking for the last like fit since you've mentioned it in my hand. Like how I consider myself a pretty smart human. I mean normally dumbest in a room. But commonsense wise pretty quick I can't believe I've never even thought of that. Because you're saying an ultimate ultimate broadcast or me with Andrew Kramer. I believe in. I'm not for that. Which is nothing against that. I'm just saying they have the capability of putting up two different games for people to watch and pick their announcers. So it's you with whoever you want each week, not not, you know, paroled criminal. But you know, somebody that has knowledge of the game or that is a funny friend that knows the game people can people can decide to listen to the McAfee. But I'd rather just be the guy. He's on that show. Eventually eventually, I feel like it's split down the middle on this just you for sixteen now for we'll call it because it's Thursday night. Let's just call fourteen weeks of you alone in a booth called Thursday night games. That's play by play commentary. That's fun. Phil fun fund failed commercial back play by play commentary, and you do it. Well, you can also mean that you play in the drums guitar with my goddamn thing. Obviously somebody in there would help you could also throw to the field. There's still be people on hall where people in the field to thank you for the good idea on the sideline. You throw to Gorman on the sideline. I got experience in that negotiate..

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