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Back. Everybody handled morning crew Tuesday, February 2, Let's do it more handle on the news. Jennifer Wayne Me Isis deported Hundreds of people under President Biden, Yours called his eyes. Now you're a may remember that at the beginning of his term, the president announced his campaign pledge was to stop removing most people in the U. S illegally. But Federal judge last week ordered President Biden not to enforce the 100 Day moratorium on deportations. But the ruling didn't require the government to schedule them. So in recent days, you've had ice Report people to three different countries. I believe 15 to Jamaica, 269 to Guatemala and Honduras, and more deportation flights were scheduled for yesterday. In so little more complicated than just hundreds of deportations happen, and at 7 20. I'm going to get into it on. I think the point of it is new president comes in and says Day one. Here's what I'm going to do easy to say that when you're campaigning, not so easy to do that. Out when you're sitting behind the resolute debt, Resolute desk and I'll talk about the ins and outs of that one ins. Of course, coming into government outs, people being deported. The Nazi incidents. Let's move on. 30 homes lost in a massive wildfire in Australia. Sweet deals to the floor had fires burning northwest of Perth, and they're more homes that are threatened 17,000 acres at this point Perth, Australia. Not too many people know a lot about it on the it's on the West Coast of of Australia. The The.

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