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This understands. What's true? What the regime wants you to believe pump AO before heading to Saudi Arabia? The US is the drone was over international waters, trailing out of the Iran, nuclear deal has led to crisis as New Jersey, Senator and democratic presidential hopeful Cory Booker now the closer to clear weapon, which could trigger peripheral vision around the region, it could trigger military conflict, and have us tumbling back into a Middle East war on President Trump's decision to not launch a conventional military attack on Iran. Congressman MAC Dohrn, berry, Texas, Republicans very conscious of not getting on an escalatory ladder. That leads to a military conflict that neither side wants Booker on ABC's this week, Iran has yet to comment on the cyber attack ordered by President Trump last Thursday against Iranian computer systems at about missiles. You're listening to ABC news. So you sit down his news station. News station. KTAR on air ninety two three FM online at KTAR dot com and streaming live on the KTAR news app. Your breaking news and traffic now. Here news time is two two. I'm Julie the VIN in elderly woman was found dead. Full side at an apartment building. Phoenix fire say they believe it's medically related into three year old boy is an extremely critical condition after nearly drowning feed expire reporting happened around nine this morning near thirteenth avenue and union hills. He's being treated at a nearby hospital to families are protesting and say they want Justice after their family members were shot and killed by Phoenix. Police. Alejandro hernandez. What's fatally shot on April twenty ninth by Phoenix. Police ten days later, the same thing happened to Hector Lopez. The family say, police are withholding information. So in response, they held a protest at police headquarters Friday in actions. Vide Hernandez says it's been emotionally draining sitting allot this week. She says she wants corrupt officers fired and the implementation of a citizens review board we need action immediately. So we're going to continue to show up to counsel. We're gonna continue to protest. We're gonna continue to find families to dementia, and then we're going to continue to do is make sure that this council acts. Now, Phoenix police declined to comment. I'm Amy Puhl KTAR news. Ozone levels are expected to approach federal health standard. A health watch has been issued for the metro Phoenix area today. People with respiratory problems should limit outdoor activities the ozone forms, when vehicle.

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