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And welcome back to coast to coast george noory with you with linda bolton how and she will continue with this strange story this hour of the disappearing livestock and cattle and thanks george you know the san luis valley is so big that it contained six counties and portions of three others and one of those counties is real grand and its county seat is del norte some people call it del norte that once had a population of ten thousand people passing through on the old spanish trail that was a major trade route in the eighteen hundreds between santa fe new mexico and los angeles california and then there were gold and silver booms and del norte was also summer ground for the youth kyle navajo and comanche native american tribes the navajo look seventy miles to the east from del nord at now blanca rising above the sand dunes there and revered it as their sacred mountain in this modern day the human population is now down to two thousand and many residents are livestock ranchers official colorado statistics from twenty thirteen report that in the san luis valley there were an estimated eighty two thousand beef cows and calves over three hundred dairy cows and more than eight thousand.

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