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You know may not have been the father of this child and if it wasn't the devil, then you know who was it and so to me that goes back to Just the how fraught and traumatic family relationships possibly can be and things that go on to the domestic sphere so that suddenly even though it started to read like a rocking Gothic story, it had a very real are had very real implications when that detail came to light. So that was really who. Yeah and that. The. Possible implications of. A finding that babies remains in the wall of the tapestry room were an was trapped. Like. The darkest right like the heaviest. Detail, about this story. And because it It does go into that very DR territory. is part of why I was glad that we ended with the story of Red Mary. Yes. Mary McMahon. Yeah. Because it flips the script on some of what we've been talking about. It Yeah it definitely does. So the interesting thing about Mary Mary McMahon or read Mary as that the story of her and how she would. He know she perhaps killed twenty husbands and hung them out her windows and you know was bloodthirsty That's very interesting that we do have that history that has stuck around and folklore. But. Her life was also I mean, this woman was off like your life itself. As we know through primary source documents you know is just as riveting in some ways and it's curious to me about how certain stories stick and our collective imaginations, and sometimes how the truth which is also really really colorful some of those details get. Kicked to the side. But what I loved about her as you know, she was had a you husbands. Died, she was the head of her family and she made some very very strategic political moves to ensure the livelihood and the wellbeing of her descendants. was great me through it will under a couple of ways to spin it to and Aaron kind of took it one way and I was kind of thinking about it another when I was putting the research together and I was really digging into the story I loved finding that so many of the sources. About her life were published by local folklorist. I had found his articles published in folklore journals but then they were collected and you can find them on the county Clare. library website I just love seeing you know a good local library account the library. That's a great website that they have a great archive. Yes. Yes. Working with local historians to to collect and then to make accessible local stories local.

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