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It's all unappreciated. Excuse me I imagine what got into her young as we did no. I should've known as one thing. Women have no sense of humor about their cooking. Of course why. You honestly dare really why you would mix wallpaper pace in one of my good wooden salad Bo. I I won't like that now. It's my fault I can't win pal just can't we can't win. The couple. Next door is written by Lynch and Stars Peg Lynch and Alan than is produced by Walter. Heart this is what methods inviting you to listen again tomorrow for the couple next door November nineteen th one thousand nine hundred fifty eight the couple next door on classic Radio Theater. This is basic civil defence information from the Department of Defense Office of Civil Defense Washington and if an enemy nuclear attack occurs many areas of the nation would be threatened by radioactive fallout if there is public shelter nearby go to it or if you have a home shelter I use it unless your local government has given you other instructions but if regular shelter isn't available and you have a house with below ground basement or storm cellar. You could still improvised. Provides some protection from radioactive fallout in a basement. Choose a corner. Most below ground and away from Windows Dragon Heavy Bench or table to make a roof or your shelter. Cover it with trunks. Stacks of firewood. Flagstones books anything that is thick and heavy then wall yourself on the to open sides with heavy appliances or dressers dressers or chests back with earth or sand to help absorb radiation for more information on this and other ways to improvise protection from fallout. Check with your local civil offense office. The National Safety Council reports that highway accidents are being reduced in lives. Being saved but accidents are still a national problem. The major causes of traffic casualties speed drink and carelessness driving too fast for road. Conditions is one of the most common causes of traffic accidents next to speed speed driving on the wrong side of the road was reported as the most frequent driver violation of common sense and the safety laws and one fourth of the fatal accidents involving all the driver or pedestrian. Who has been drinking? Take the responsibility on yourself and urge safety precautions in your community. Every motorist and every pedestrian should obey traffic traffic signs and signals never drive after drinking. Never drive on the wrong side of the road. Watch.

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