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Or as we like to call it to black Friday. I am Michael Cooper, the executive producer of Big Alan Jo Jo, and we're having a best of the initials game here today, playing three straight games. We had one in the first hour. That was Benjamin Albright was the guest. He wound up with the winner there in our number two. Cathy Walker was the guest. And I walked away a winner and here in our number three Greg Foster, the programming director of K Away is the guest for this particular matchup, and it is a tight one. As of right now, Anthony Rodriguez and Greg Foster or tied for the lead. They each have two correct answers myself and big Al Alford Williams on Lee won back, so it's truly anybody's game. They're in these final couple of minutes. Probably what? Maybe seven or eight questions remaining in the game. So literally, anybody could walk away with this one. And this if we know anything about al, he really turns it on in these last. I don't know 15 20 minutes, so to mission to see if he can do that, or of Greg Foster comes down strong. Or if Anthony Rodri Rodriguez continues his good play, or will it be me? Who knows? But we'll have to find out. I hope you and your family are having a great Thanksgiving weekend. Obviously, Thanksgiving was yesterday. I hope everybody got filled up on some great food today. I hope you're just taking it easy. If you're out there having to work well, don't work too hard. And if you're out there doing some shopping Well, hopefully you'll get what you want. But here we go. The final couple of segments here. Let's find out who wins this edition of the initials game. Right here on the best of Big Alan. Joe Joe. You're on K Away News Radio 8:50 A.m. and 94 1 FM and Jo Jo, Take it away. It is the initials.

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