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Thank you so much. I can get things done when I went to. I. Oh, yeah. So I was like I didn't I salute my bat as I've sand my bag. It's like you subs. I'd like things like put up a towel rack, you know, like not organized carpenter or like, I was like look at this person. This is not a person who knows she's Merck. There were no saw thong making making the case of how disorganized yours, I couldn't even carry a purse that made sense. Yeah. I'm the kind of person who would walk out wearing a sweatshirt yet. I mean, it's like pregnant people and meet you are in the same category. And you're too high off for everything for makes crazy it makes Makes. it. Yeah. Yeah. I so he was like until he was so he was he told me that I was too old to be Spacey. And I was like, but it was actually really powerful a friend told me later, he he was like he thought that that the guy was kind of onto something that like. Like, maybe this was a message to you. This is a life learning moment that like we could like push off. It's like oh Clarice Spacey or like actually the truth was that I was associated with. He was right. It wasn't that. I was Spacey. There's something really wrong. This either something really wrong with me shine dissociating. Yeah. So he thought I was lying, but the truth was there is something greater than being space. Cadet the dissociation came from. I think it just came from surly funny therapy. She's always I remember for a while. She was like pretty sexually rised. I was like, no. She's a sure was like, yeah. Like, some why are you like us? I've never wished that. I was sexually abused. So much. You know, what I mean sleep at least those guys have therapists. Yeah. Yeah. So he was right. And then he went to jail. So then he took me to jail like jail jail. The took me to jail jail just classic jail with jail people in there. And they they patted me down. They did my fingerprints. What is your friend? Do. She laughed. She does she know. This was going to happen to you. Or I don't know she wasn't like a really close friend clearly become on but same time like we're young. And like what was she going to do like sit outside jail. I don't know who knew they were gonna let me out by the way, they like didn't give me a phone call justify everybody. I hope you all know that they chew not always give you a phone call. Did you ask for it? I sure did. And it was at night. So they let me out to like middle of the night. And so then I had walked my car by myself in like the middle of. Santa Monica is the most bushy place, you could be, but so they processed you put you in jail cell, and then let you out. Yeah. And this is yes, then I was in jail cell with, you know, homeless people whatever drunk people and. Yeah. And then eventually they let me out. Yeah..

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