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Any chance that you see has a chance to go any farther we've talked about this in the previous segments so what's a what's going on with you see in Xavier's we get closer and closer to turn into what you say if you look at the last four games it's very cure them of being boring four games ago they're they're down by fifteen in the second half comeback in beach Houston again after that they have to win at the horn against a Wichita state get a a budget with three point five seconds ago and survive a last second shot by the shockers last Sunday they go to overtime against Yukon and lose this game where they had a chance to win at the horn and then there's what they had to do the other night go to overtime against members are down by ten with about you know six minutes ago and they had to survive that game so they've they've they've certainly been battle tested they played on a bunch of close games I think this year in college basketball you know it's it's cliche to say okay we'll talk about there not being a great team I don't really agree with that just because I think in fact it's really good in Kansas really Jonathan Dayton is really good but in a year like this where it just feels like everybody's beating each other up I think the key is to just get to the NC double a tournament you know we'll see what kind of match up you have I might I figured since I did you get in I think is they can get in I think you're will get in either the Bearcats there's a lot of things I worry about but I think it's either team can get and there's nothing that says they can't win a couple of games in March just because of how wide open it is now from UC perspective I talked with a guy named Joe Jerry palm the other day who's about bacteriologist with.

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