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The chargers on a short week because it's the thursday as as a thanksgiving that's four yep thursday thanksgiving and then washington again in an at the new york giants so there i mean the the european until december 17th against the reiter yes what i have that's when you would tell but it but in the interim you have kansas city atlanta philadelphia the chargers whose record doesn't tell you how good they are the redskins who you know whatever the redskins are ends a generational matchup of agreeing reds now think about the game they just played yeah not take elliott away from thirty carry exactly the reds handle land to touch twotouchdown agree i mean and a blocked field goal here which is a kind of a quasi currency of there but there is a good shot that i mean i'm not saying that we think billows could they go doughnut probably not answering their the problem is going to read the the chargers at home but i mean this is they they could go to a four main that opec completely changes here and the eagles are going to win the division right so they go to and four they're fighting for wild clerkenwell cord now yet many got the rams you get seattle yet the rams the wall corp player you've got i with the made down not a huge carolina guy but maybe care elida at the viking of attack donald one more the panthers in their sit are five and to is you just mentioned though as bad as they felt like they play them played good yet in the five until yeah now you know what i mean or five in a five in three i should say so i mean this is going to be a fight for the wild card with ziege now alf remorse is there yes empty just whispers this in my and while there is there we know that at half of morse's a shell of who he now forty thousand yards of the really at this and by the way the reasoning for thousand yards plus when he was with the washington redskins is because you're terrified of robert griffith you know what i mean this was the.

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