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All right, buster here is this week's bleacher tweets first up from mister jakey RS, the Giants are trying to sell many ticket plans. I find this infuriating considering the lockout. Am I being unfair? No, I've got friends who have season tickets and they're getting requests for money and they're basically saying that they're going to take their money out of it until they there's a resolution. They're annoyed. You're not alone, mister jakey. Up next, we have Kyle benning. So baseball owners in 2020. We have biblical losses due to no ticket sales. We can't pay minor leaguers and need staff layoffs. Baseball owners in 2022. Let's have a lockout in short season to squeeze the players. We can endure a loss of ticket sales revenue. Kyle getting some things off his chest. Yeah, when I'm really going to be curious about that this continues to drag on. If at some point, the owners essentially go to the nuclear option, where they decide through the mounting frustration over the negotiations in recent years, you know what? We're just going to sit in our bunker and we're going to wait until the other side potentially fragments. That would be absolutely disaster, but I think it's one of the options at play for the owners. And I'm curious to see how long they take it. And next up, we have Andrew Campbell. Let's forget this toxic mess for a sec. What's your favorite baseball moment in a non baseball movie? I personally love Robin Williams, Carlton fisk story from goodwill hunting and the World Series moment and one flew over the cuckoo's nest. A classic as well. So I've got a couple I agree that Robin Williams Carl and fist story from goodwill hunting was amazing, but I must say like since that was produced by Harvey Weinstein. There's now a cold spot in my heart for that movie that wasn't there before. I actually have never seen one flow of the cuckoos nest two that I was thinking about. One was awful. My best friend's wedding, Julia Roberts goes to the press box where sports writers are working and based on, you know, that I guess screenwriters version of how sports writers are, they just sit and get drunk during the course of all games that don't actually work, and it was like, that person didn't have anything. The other one was Tom Cruise in a few good men when he was walking around his apartment at an Atlanta Braves game against the San Diego Padres in the background. And I think it's Jerry Coleman, who is a friend of mine whose voice was on that. I thought that was pretty cool. So a few good men one was good, but Sarah, as I was preparing mine, I was thinking, you may not have seen a few good men, right? And you may have my best friend's wedding. No, I have seen both of those. My family are big movie buffs and my dad. My dad raised me right. He sent me out to watch a few good men with me. And my best friend's wedding is a great classic movie. Love it. The one that comes to mind for me is Twilight. Listen, it's a cinematic masterpiece that specific scene. The cinematography, the music, the form, the technique. I almost can't even use that as my answer because it almost makes Twilight a baseball movie. It is that good. I've never seen Twilight. I have no idea what you're talking about. Well, hopefully this will hit home for some people who were forced to watch Twilight against their will or who like it as a guilty pleasure. Taylor also sent me one as well. It's not from a movie, but it's from the show Sex and the City. So the ladies go to a Yankees game and carry scoops up a newly called up minor leaguer. And Samantha Jones hits us with this just all time great line. And it's the only place I can smoke without Giuliani putting me away for ten years. These seats suck this hot dog sucks, my entire life sucks, which I think with all this labor stuff might sum up, you know, some baseball fans feelings right now. I think the next blade should tweet also. I think we'll also led me to that. Yes, a perfect transition to our last tweet from PK Steinberg. Dreamed last night that my wife and I were walking around London with Joey Votto. He was wearing a red wrestling singlet naturally. Over the course of the day, he grew sad. Asked why he responded, I just want to dance. Do you do dream analysis? Should we take a crack at this one? So I almost texted this morning almost texted Joey bottle this morning and say, here's what here's what someone fan was dreaming about. How would you translate this? But this seems absolutely clear. I just want to dance. He just wants to play baseball. That's what's going on here, Sarah, isn't it easy? Yes, and I actually looked up a dream analysis website to get this in to see if this has any significance or deeper meaning. So according to Miller's guild dot com, dreaming about dancing can also be symbolic for a cry for freedom. Trust issues in your inner circle and a battle with anxiety. So I don't know. I think it is all the labor stuff. It's all the baseball. It all comes back to baseball labor. Trust anxiety for freedom to be out on a ball field. Your inner circle gave life. Right. So I don't know. I don't know who that might be targeted to. PK Steinberg or Joey Votto. Either one. Well, I might text Joey later today and just let him know that he came up in a very unusual way on our podcast. All right, that's it for today. My thanks to Sara, nice job feeling in today, Sarah. Thank you. It was super fun. And my thanks to Rhett weisman, to Harry Marino, to Taylor swink and the great Tim kirchen, have.

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