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Show. He was darling. It was so nice. And, but we have no idea of his mom, really. In fact, loves our show called into the show was our story in told us to seek you. She wanted you to make sure that you talk to us. I work at guys we're Jerome. Ballard at her. She's rushing by. Around. Last year. We just saw the back end of her last year. And then what other little did we tell we get the James Denton from desperate housewives over us. My friend Colleen's name, I said, Aaron, you know, my friend Kaleen, we know all the people in shock upheaval. We're his wife is. I just couldn't stop laughing listening to the things you're going on has video of us. I mean that it would really. I know because people would stop because they would just give up on getting anything into start filming us or putting their Mike's over. Because nobody I mean, it's they don't want to talk to anybody. They're very they just wanted to talk to the TV people and really have to work hard to get him to talk to a regular old. Really interesting. Here's how it all starts out. Is that? L Andy Firestone came by member says, he was one of the, you know, the bachelor is on again tonight Colton. Yes. The bachelor version but way, back in the day Andy Firestone was like the third bachelor. And he was so beautiful. And was so crazy for him. I remember Melinda. Jacobs Scotney a bottle of Firestone wind signed by him was knee in studio with he was never in studio with us. We wanted him to be but we met him there. Yeah. And we talked to him on the phone. And so we're talking to him talking to him. And then someone else comes by. Yeah. And I think Donny that might be, you know, number two on here. Like some funny interviews because we just push him. I mean in learning from the red carpet fish. All right here, we go. There was one key moment. And this is what happens at the end because the people kind of started sauntering down. They started the very beginning. Which is about five blocks away on the red carpet from us any start out with entertainment tonight. Yes, Harry first. And then they work the whole red carpeting, they can take them an hour and a half to two hours. Well, yeah. And it depends like the first person on the red carpet with that was Katherine. Hi golic's. Rush blonde. She was the very first one on the red carpet. And she didn't she worked at red carpet for almost two hours. Yeah. Because they have this big stand of fans. And then they have all the press the, yeah. Yeah, they have voted photographers in another like Bank of stand. There's TV from Spain. There's TV from the BBC there's TV TV from sports net. There's TV from Germany. I mean, there's so many different television stations there that Lori decided that she was she was walking the red carpet Jewish..

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