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Be necessary. I'm like, that what? That's also a good point. And then my hips exploded. I think it's like in scanners. Rob Reiner, there it is. He said it is not arguable Donald Trump has committed federal crimes. Jack Smith or no Jack Smith that is up to Merrick Garland not to let Trump shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it. Yeah, that's what's confusing though. Is it still Merrick Garland's? Choice in the end, it's not an independent prosecutor. So I get the people saying it's a waste of time and money. Why? Just in, why aren't we indicting now? And then I get the other side. The thing that's changed is that Donald Trump announced that he's running for president, which puts it back into the political arena. So he got the head guy and now bob ceska is right as usual. Trump always makes things worse for Trump. You're like, great, now you got The Hague guy idiot. Okay, and Brian Tyler Cohen said Trump is big mad, so things are probably moving in the right direction. That's how we baby monitor. And we're like, oh, this must be bad. All right. And also we checked the number of obscenities and, you know. General area. You're on stairs to show you're not a pretty Mess. first. Just come out as far as you can start to make it better when you. Oh, hi, rudeness. Hi, rude pundit. Good morning Hi. I think you summed it up best. You said, let's face it. Anyone who supports Donald Trump doing anything is just a human being. Thank you. That's in response to, you know, weird Elon letting him back on Twitter. And if people are going, I support this. No, no, don't support it for anything. Unless it's like for sitting in a prison cell and facing the walls for the rest of his life. Yeah, and I support. Yeah. So far, that's a big bag of rats, right? So Elon did some fake poll, like all the people have spoken. He's back on and Trump's like, I'm not going back on. I had my social. I can't legally. Big bag of rats. Yeah. So for now, this is after posting early on that. Before we let anybody on, we're going to have to look at it. We're going to have to, you know, they were going to have a group, get together and talk about it. No, no, he just let the box decide. Yeah, no, exactly. AOC said, I don't know, man. Last time he was here this platform was used to incite an insurrection multiple people died. The vice president of the United States was nearly assassinated and hundreds were injured. But I guess that's not enough for you to answer the question. Twitter poll it is. I mean, you know, and it's Kanye's back on and he just tweeted shalom with a smiley face. So that means he can tweet the anti semitism. Right. Yeah, so apparently he's decorated his house for Hanukkah. So speaking for the Jews, I just like to say do you speak for the Jews? You know what? Whenever I feel like it, you know, I'm kind of Julie. Do you ask? For everybody out there? I was raised Jewish. I mean, I'll be your tagline, the rude pundit. Yeah, you said funny. What is my Hollywood money? Exactly. We asked George Charles directly for money when he came on this show when he said no. No. It seems like you get credit for giving me a lot of money already. You might as well. You actually said funny, I thought of woke mob was supposed to kill Twitter and cancel culture, but it was capitalism and stupidity all along. I don't think I've ever seen anyone other than Donald Trump blow up a business this fast, right? Yeah. Yeah. No, no, it's really kind of a thing of beauty. And I mean, you know, I like Twitter a lot. I haven't met a lot of people on Twitter. I use it, but you know, if it goes, I think my work productivity is going to go up exponentially. It is a time suck. And I would just like to say, I think Mastodon and I are going to have a couple of problems because I have it so that my tweets show up on Mastodon and apparently they took down a tweet where I said F you to lives of TikTok. Oh boy I was like, oh, Mastodon. We're going to have to have a talk. Some people making some great points I thought, rude. Jeffrey said long off, are you kidding me? Trump's tweets as he gets indicted are going to be off the hook. Pass the popcorn. I mean, that's the other thing. He will start whether it's truth social or Twitter. They will be able to Jack Smith willing to use those because they always can. As evidence, right? Yeah, yeah. It's just like it's like if you told someone something and, you know, you brought them in and questioned them and said, yeah, Trump told me this. Yeah. I mean, first of all, this is a point I don't know if you've heard this either Chris but Edward workman said Ilan's rigged pole and reinstatement quote unquote Trump's account was a troll. Nothing more. Truth social agreement with digital world acquisition company explicitly states his post must exclusively be on true social for at least the first 6 hours after being issued. So as the most easily owned lib in America, I get that I'm supposed to go. I honestly, I don't give a. You know what I mean? Whatever. I mean, I was actually when that came out because one of my reactions was, oh, thank God I don't have to go on truth socially. What truth toilet is I prefer to call it. And then I saw that, and it was like, well, great. And then he said, now I'm going to stay on truth social. And I was like, ah man, I really hate your site. I mean, what are we all invade that? Why don't we all just flood into truth so sure. You know, I look to a lot of people we love on like Sarah Kinsey or something. I do not see the information space. Andrew workman saw, I said, I'll be on this platform long after Elon Musk has gone and Donald Trump is in prison, you know? So I'm not leaving, you know, at one point I thought I contemplated what I handle it if Trump was back. And then I'm like, I don't care, man, you know? I'm going to hear about him no matter what. I was on it. But he was announced for president. I'm like, I like how succinctly you just answer the right wing trolls. Dinesh d'souza tweeted frustrated bitter and out of a job. Nancy Pelosi leaves it's her turn to get hammered. And you just wrote you. And I think that's the best that can be said. Which didn't get deleted from a Mastodon. So let's get a little consistency here. Am I not allowed to

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