Shevchenko, Diego Lima, Jesse Taylor discussed on MMAjunkie Radio - Episode 2,544: Colby Covington


Great guys as a 35hour once he was out of the reality show so i was thinking that um he could easily bounce back in in you'll get back in the picture now shevchenko as hatter shot in law so why not get in and then i we hear this announcement diego lima really really had a go at jesse taylor jesse taylor of course accepted a oneyear suspension from you solder but it's on the front page of you scroll down a little bit you can hear c reads excuse me deal lima's thoughts on all that cage wars had a card over the weekend the results are posted on mma junkie lots of people quicken and sharing that so cage were still getting a lot of love uh cage words was featured for many years on emily junkie so we've always had a good soft spot form a lot of the big caps from last week doing well evan dunham of course a conor mcgregor fan tony ferguson calling out conner looks like conner may have called him back out ali posted was tony but that seems like a strong hint that that's the direction conor mcgregor wants to go and i'm sure you as a feeling that right well you got it imagined sincere represented by the same company saint people if you're gonna make that tweet uh there's probably a little bit more behind it and maybe anybody else doing it true very true yeah i i didn't see the point in him doing it if he wasn't seriously considering it or maybe again that's one last call to nato ideas to stop on around and thrown out big numbers if they want to have that trilogy about but um who knows man who knows what this negotiating game is like i know sometimes it needs to go public like that to put pressure on on other athletes but uh.

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