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Working with governors across the region as the search for survivors goes on Amy held NPR news Secretary of State Antony Blinken is held what the State Department calls productive talks with several European counterparts about Iran villa marks reports A State Department spokesperson said Saturday that secretary blinken discussed the latest chapter in efforts to revive the Iran nuclear deal known as the JCPOA with his E three counterparts talks designed to reimplement the agreement abandoned by president Trump had resumed in Vienna Thursday with Iranian officials largely refusing to accept previously settled elements from an earlier round of talks Blinken met with the foreign ministers of Germany France and the UK ahead of further meetings with other G 7 ministers taking place in the English city of Liverpool this weekend Those G 7 foreign minister meetings are widely expected to produce a shared demand that Iran slow its nuclear development and this is NPR Doctors in South Africa say so far patients infected with the uma cron variant of the coronavirus do not appear as ill as those affected with the delta strain Is now the dominant variant in South Africa 6 humans are back on earth after traveling to the edge of space on Blue Origin space tourism capsule Brendan burn of member station WMF fee reports To VIP guests on the flight include former NFL player and Good Morning America host Michael Strahan and Laura shepherd churchly the daughter of the first American to make an into space Alan shepherd The space tourism flight also carried four paying passengers on a suborbital joint that lasted a little over ten minutes They traveled above the U.S. recognized boundary of space about 50 miles up and experienced a few moments of weightlessness It's now the third mission by Blue Origin to carry humans other notable VIPs to fly in the capsule include founder Jeff Bezos famed aviator Wally funk and Star Trek's William Shatner Blue Origin's capsule is named after Alan shepherd His 1961 launch that took the first American to space was also a suborbital flight For NPR news I Brandon burned in Orlando The late senator Bob Dole is being honored in his home town of Russell Kansas today where is casket will be on public view followed by a ceremony in the state capital and Topeka that before being flown for burial at Arlington national cemetery Dole died.

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