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Always see yourself going down this path of being a host or with this kind of just like when America's next top model started you became a host and then from there realized, this is what you wanted to do actually was hosting before America's next top model. A lot of people don't know that, but there was this network that was all only about music back in the day on. TV. And I do like little guest appearance hosting MTV. Hosted the. Academy Awards Red Carpet special many years ago I used to do a lot of like my toe in hosting. I was a special correspondent for Oprah when I was in my twenties as to do her show once a month, she'll let me choose any topic that I wanted I. Remember sometimes I was too quiet and I remember whispering to me like I got here his I want you to talk I need you to lead and I was like you're oprah she's like I need you to. You choose the topic you lead. In this realm for a long time. But dancing with the stars as may be sure it is it is. It is a big big deal a lot on my shoulders. There were two hosts before. And ABC said, they think I can handle it on my own. So to make them proud let alone millions of Americans. That's very true. How how has the? Fan. Reaction. been for you because obviously you said there were two hosts and fans of this show can be very, very loyal when they see the same person hosting for for so long. So. How have you been kind of handling the reaction of this announcement? Yeah. I mean, come on I produced TV I understand personal branding I understand how it goes and that change is hard changes always hard. I'm not a fool I knew that walking into the people would be like. I mean it just comes with it. And it's like how tough in thick is my skin? Obviously, it's very thick some still standing here. and. So it's my job to still get people to show that they love but show them that change can be good. And so like I feel like a lot of people are going to be they tune in I buffalo on Tunein like this. And? I. Want this. Right. Okay. Owes like that okay I think I'm kind of liking this. Okay. Still missed what was. Enjoying what is so bad. That's what I'm hoping. To? I. See. Next. Week. Next eight as time goes on, we're going to be like I love tyrod the host, like, why were these other people hosting the whole time? Don't. Town but no. Yes but we're really excited to walk. Sorry. My dog is barking on account with Israel and this says about today like I'm surprised my son is not running in here jumping on my back. From home? Yeah exactly. Okay. Tuned him out but anyways. Obviously. He's going to be like God Tower Star banks sparked to me. But obviously, you have a long resume of hosts and we WANNA talk about your modeling career because you are a legendary supermodel that's where it all began. Last year you were back on the cover of sports illustrated swimsuit with our girl Camille Cost Accusa. Navarre's the offer. How was it like being back? Oh, it was so weird. Buddhi was like thirty pounds heavier. was on the beach I was like Damn I realized why I retired at sand and all kinds of places at the end of the day. So that wasn't necessarily fun shooting. Hot Windy and rainy, and then you'd have to loop. We lost a whole day of shooting. We had combine a lot of shots into one day was a holiday to rain and but the message and what it stood for for me was everything you know me I didn't realize until I was on a live interview like with you guys there were like, do you know that you're that all of this model and the covers were straight had no idea I'm like sports illustrated you let me know this. Learning.

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