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And then in terms of tanisha Wright in Atlanta, I just believe in her. The feeling that she is building something that she's got the players that are coming along with her. And I'm excited to see the growth in Ryan Howard. Just her plank new year going overseas doing what she's doing, but coming back and now being a more mature superstar on the floor. And I think tanisha, I can put the most out of her and her young ears. Yeah. Let me add, I gave you my one a's, right? One B, Indiana. Melissa Smith is a problem. And now you can focus on her because aliyah Boston is there. That team has some really nice pieces. Was the defensive player of the year season two for AU pro hoops. She looked good. Won the whole darn thing. I called my first 50 point game in my career because Smith went off in the tube. She is special. Yeah, I really like being in person and seeing what Lexie hold was doing. I was like, okay. This bump might be real next year. I did not believe in in Lexie hull at all until seeing it up close and then watching when I left Alice, and I was like, wow, okay, and then Melissa, I feel like every game just was getting, you know, it felt like a triple level. So definitely definitely there on my radar. It's super cool this year. I mean, as I've told you before, with the betting stuff, but we're getting reading lines for women's sports that we've never seen before. Like we have WNBA regular season win totals. Wow. And it's so funny that you brought up the dream and the fever because I'm like, I want to already bet these overs. I tweeted about it. But the dreams when total line was at 7 and a half. For the entire season, right? Yeah. The tad low. Yeah. With 40 games when they won 7 last year, okay. Yeah. And the dream was 19 and a half, and I want to say mercury probably right around 22 or 2021, some are at 20 6 for the only ones higher than that decides to super teams to write a 28, 29, but then you brought them Natasha cloud, her season average. Above or below, but it's at 6 and a half. And I'm like, have they not been watching the last two years? Yeah. That's an easy one. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I loved it before, but I was like, I'll sleep on it. This was last night, and then now after this call, I will be doing something and tweeting about it in terms of an over with Natasha's. So I do love that. Getting into the mercury, what do you think the ceiling is for this team? Realistically. And knowing that there are super teams, but no championship is guaranteed in any sport. So what do you believe the ceiling is for the mercury? I can easily see them making the Western Conference Finals. Because BG is back for her tenth season, and she is the best post player in the world. So she's there to build around. And she's got shooters everywhere. I can see that both the general manager and our new assistant general manager Monica have been very intentional about making whoever is not named BG. They have to shoot the three. That lefty magic is nailing threes, like her ability to breathe is a part of the process. He has really locked in. That is something that has improved markedly for her in the off season. And so a four that can pull the defense away from the basket open space up for BG. You got breezy there, rebounding. Sophie Cunningham has developed a mid range game. She called son's pre and post all MBA season long. And became a fan of Devin Booker's game. For three point shooting, she hit 70 last year once to finish in the top ten and three point makes this year will also be going off the balance and pulling up for 15. So I really like the team's ability to fill up the box floor and wreck some people. There are some shooters on Sam Thomas worked on her three point shot. If she makes the team and gets run, she's out there to shoot threes. So yeah, three point shooting huge. Well, mo Jeff, she came to the team and she love her. It was second in the WNBA last season and three point percentage of 47%. Had a damn triple double. Mojave triple double last year. Yeah, Minnesota against Dallas. The exact game. I mean, I'm like 99% sure I've been on that game. It was on the right side of history, but mo Jeff is a special place in my heart with how well she did last year. Look, she was a part of that last UConn win, right? 2016 completed the Rihanna Stewart four P and Yukon hasn't won a championship. Yeah, since then. It was funny because Nina Westbrook and I got into it in Dallas, because I literally got up at some speaking engagement. I was like, Yukon is not making the championship game. Mark it down. I don't even think they're going to make the final four, blah, blah, blah. And she's like, oh, that's blasphemous. How could you say that? And I was like, have you seen the team? I don't know what you're watching, but no baby. No fuck. Come on. Whatever. So we got into it a little bit, and I was kind of smug. What happened last night? That's funny. But I love that for women's basketball, right? Because remember, it was Yukon. And before that, it was Tennessee. And so it's so wonderful to see South Carolina get a couple. LSU is back and finally gets one. You know, it just makes things so much more interesting. It's about how many people bet on it. I mean, just mind-blowing the amount of attention because it's, to me, it's great. It's more viewers, more people getting exposed to the opportunity to watch from play basketball, which is a great product as it is. It's just stop listening to Joe schmeling the Internet, he says it's not cool, you know? You would have loved this, but I was in a conversation with friends the other day going to bat for a woman's basketball and people watching more. And I said, if you don't believe me, start gambling on it. I said, I have a friend of mine who was growing the game because he gambles because he talks about it because he has these conversations because people are invested in money and making money. And I was like, but I was like, is another avenue that we can use just to grow the game in terms of, especially the W, which is, oh my goodness last year, constantly talking to danno about how games went, but also, hey, this is what I cashed in on.

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