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Homicide detectives were investigating a murder near Irwindale. Three weeks later, when they ran into the guy. He was arrested after a standoff. Let's take a look at a hazard on the four or five. Look at it with Mr On the four or five North bound before West, Mr Avoca couple of ladders and the two middle lane, so we're looking at slowing on either side there. And a high of 91. He's gonna Euclid Street. Just hearing about a new accident in the left lane. Your drive is starting to slow down Reverend brokers. They are buying. This guy is sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Boss still working on the 91 All right, to just honest now, we really don't want you to drive into this. So listen up Quarters six this morning. It was a crash in between. We're told by CG vehicle and a motorcyclist and someone was killed in this crash. Now the westbound 91 at pioneer. That's where it all took place. That's just before the 605. Had always shut down for a while. Now, as I speak, you were circling over. Don't leave the true right lanes. Open back up pretty much to the eye. Five. Now, even on the eastbound side, we have lanes blocked. It's only the corporal left lane, so not quite as bad. But the westbound back up again to the eye. Five eastbound coming away from Bellflower. Long time delays here. He used our teacher Boulevard Alondra. Any surface strike any surface street? Excuse me. You get on the West 91 a pioneer. I'm looking at their right now. It is open. So again. Avoid this If you can. Injured in an accident visit Superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Bob K F Eye in the sky. Hey, if I and this guy help get you there faster. I'm.

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