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Shanty was on the phone. Trying to get held code but to david spoke to bunks and said what you wanna go to stoke full. But i think it's a measure for the power of persuasion of tony waddington. They managed to taking this goalkeeper. The best go keeping the world at the time slit. Low stoke and not optimistic side. Play this crazy to think of now out of the attack now but he he wanted to just shows you how much of a miracle worker he was at the time. Supposing always relation you might think that and people would rotate to think that but when you look the list of players that tony waddington attracted to stoke seats. It doesn't seem that bizarre. He he don't a very similar thing without an awesome as well because it was a little time and again stoke city pi pi of them Chelsea pilates the parallels to brian. Cloth cloth also loved goalkeepers. He was a big believer that the goalkeeping position was a very very important position. And when of course he. He took far east onto glories a he went and bought. Peter shilton who incidentally was the understood data gordon banks at least the city another parallel with with bronco phase. What i liked to water pitchy didn't they are i think Coffee actually thirty. What they do for some time be doing it. In the in the early sixties anybody to persuade the stoke fiber gay to turn and they had special solution basically some sort of defrosting solution day they'd poured onto onto the pitch. And it was. I don't follow arrest on the matthews because as you mentioned his late in his late forties finished his final game. Stoke is a first team at age. Fifty and so standard. The added dachshunds carrying injuries for forty-five-year-old playing career. It's ridiculous to think about and so what we are getting around. As far as what it was concerned was to walk to the to. Soften the pitch for the old aching lips stanley matthews. Maybe wanted to the other players. Allow the jimmy He denied all but actually back spoke about. It's pretty hard thing to do. But he's always amazed at how 'bout matthews is able to get through the board because it that havoc ago trading audited. It's crazy this is Pointed out. I just want my stock market climate. But it wasn't the case tool. He also took drawing cloth on the on the european tour as well. When you apply dayaks cloth was there. Renouncing the nineteen.

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