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Chris Booker Fokker braving only famous Paranthan reg. Reg. AB Perez Hilton. Beat the guys. Welcome to the show Booker. He's for as they don't I'm ready for the weekend, man. Oh, what an exhausting week. It's been my napping is okay, a mapping. But I've just been doing more like I had to go to this reading river, staged reading that I agreed to do because I have executive issues and I thought, well, if I get asked to do a reading I don't want to say, no. Because it can be good for my career, blah, blah, blah, blah, and I went I did it. And I also went to go see Daito concert, and I loved Idaho. And even though she didn't go on till nine pm, and part of me hated the fact that I was going out a concert during the week. So late at night, I still did it and I went a meeting this girl that I met off of YouTube. That'll be interesting for one you're going to date her. No, I discovered her, and I thought it was really funny. And then I said, you know, if you ever want to collaborate, I'm. I'm down to make a video with you. And then she crowd sourced and was able to get people to pay for her to come out to Los Angeles and make a video with Mazo really. Yeah. Really? Wow. That's pretty crazy. Who'll is the Snyder check her out on YouTube. I've done with my sister drama, thankfully, we've moved past it. I mentioned towards the end of the podcast last week. Her husband, even reached out to me, and was very nice and brought along text message 'cause I've, I was feeling better, but, you know, I was not feeling so good recently, I've moved on now to mom drama. Okay. What did you do? I did what I had every right to do as a parent. So my son had this operation recently. And I mentioned that publicly, but I never said what the procedure was what the operation was what he had done. And my mom was upset by that because she had friends and even some relatives in Miami reach out to her, and not me asking her up ration-, my son had, and she asked me, what she wanted me to tell them, and I said, just say that I'm not telling people, and then she got really angry majors. Like you can't do that. You can't tell people that he had an operation and not tell them exactly. That's what I actually on your son. You know, you brought up your son and his surgery never once of I asked, it's not my goddamn business. If you wanna tell me you'll tell me, I get the part of your job is that you talk about some of the. In your life. And if you wanna put parameters restraints on how far you go. That's your business. I've never asked you. I've never personally even reached out, I'm concerned. But if you wanted to tell me, you tell me, so I'm kind of on your side, xactly, and, you know, I don't think it's rude or mean or disrespectful or anything to family, just they want to know they can ask, they could ask me, they can ask they can ask her did, I don't get what she's upset about the fact that you just didn't I told her not to tell them. I don't agree with that, if their family than they should know if you're out there putting it on the internet. They have every right to ask a maybe confuse the fact that I might be because I told her not to tell them the specific type of surgery..

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