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Here's Tom hutler and Shannon. Oh, Kelly with more. I R G health talk. Actually, I says Dr Rachel Chiang a podiatrist from the foot and ankle center Kirkland, it is at wa footwear and injuries in skaters and skiers very timely topic at this time of the year. I know you're a skier, right? Yeah. I love to ski, and I will tell you. The worst day of skiing is the morning, you get up, and you put your your feet in your boots, and your boots just don't fit that day for some reason. And that ruins the whole day of skiing, and I've spent many days and many seasons with black toenails because of Tobin and proper boot boot fitting is where it starts. Okay. Let's talk a little bit more about that with Dr Rachel king and shadow Kelly. Dr king, welcome. How are you today? And how's life going lectures? Great. Thank you for having me on the show. Absolutely your podiatrist. And you have an interesting practice and interesting background. Tell us about your practice and more importantly to our listeners about your sports background because we're talk a little bit about that. Sure. Sure. So my husband, and I actually just recently moved to the Seattle area in July, and and I'm actually in private practice now with Dr Stephanie Kim at the foot and ankle center in Kirkland. And yeah, like you said, we specialize in podiatrist, which is basically the knee down or if the foot and ankle region, and yeah have a special interest in sports medicine. I was a former competitive figure skater and actually professional figure skater is low. I definitely have some personal background in history with my own sports injuries. And then eventually pursuing my medical background. No kidding. You're a professional figure skater gated. Are you entertained informed? Cruise passengers. Yeah. I did I did it for almost a year after college actually see what I wanted to do. I wasn't ready to give up my figure skating career yet. So yeah, I did it was about ten of us on a cruise ship and size of the rink is about a quarter of a normal. But. Yeah. It was a great opportunity of unfortunately, I did have a injury evacuate college. And I actually met my first podiatrists through my own injury. And when I started skating, professionally it did actively towards the later part of the contract, and that's what I knew I had to maybe look into another career option, and they ended up actually shattering my podiatrists again. And I felt like that was what I wanted to ultimately pursue. And it's been a great journey so far. That's amazing. You know, I talked to so many clinicians, whether their physicians or therapists, but they all have had some time in their life a personal experience that led them to get into treatment and patient care. Pretty cool, and you skied a nationally. I mean, I love skater actually before of our family moved back to the mid west. I was skating and in South Korea, and so actually skated for the junior national team out there. Then we moved when I was in high school, and then I skated in national collegiate undergo when I was going through college and Macalester midwest. Yeah. And then now, I'm here we're gonna we're gonna talk about injuries of a winter sports. I gotta tell ya. Winter Olympics are coming up pretty soon, my favorite events of the ski jumping and the figure skating figure skaters are real athletes. I mean, it's amazing what they can do on member. Folks, there skating onto blades, they're like, an eighth inch wide. So I'm athleticism is really quite quite apparent there. Tell us about injuries that you might see in skaters, and let's also talk about skiing. You know, we know the snow's flying and the mountains are getting open here, and you know, people are excited to get up there. But if you on the right boots on you get these black and blue toenails and all that good stuff. And it ruins a seat a season, you know. Yeah. No. So definitely I think some of the biggest injuries we've probably see with skaters and similarly with skiers are probably overuse injuries. So most commonly an overuse injury in like a skater that maybe a boot that's a little too. Stiff would be a stress fracture. Typically, we might see it in the mid foot region. And so a lot of times it does not form from a trauma or an acute injury. But it's usually over time. But yeah. We're and Shukeir is very very important in in the skaters and the with the ski population as I really actually highly recommend my my skaters and skiers to really work with the boot company that's reputable, always try on the the skate or the boot prior to going out onto the slopes are going out onto the ice. And then the other really important thing and actually the skating population.

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