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Go ahead, finish. I was just going to say I feel like motor sports are so far behind on that. Like skiers, they make edits, snowboarders, they make edits, and we're like, I feel like I know half these athletes. Line traveling circus has been going on forever. I feel like I know Andy Perry because he's been doing a film series for almost ten years, maybe even ten years at this point. And it's like, it's relatable content. I can't relate to Ryan Dungey. And then he finally after he retired did that edit and I was like, oh yeah, I can maybe ride with him like through the Woods. He did it like on the track with corn, but still. Yeah, I think a lot of guys in the moto scene is definitely starting to pick up on that. I mean, actual Hodges is a prime example, you know? Like, his brother does dirt shark. So, I mean, he's gotten a lot of his opportunities to his brother and filming. And then Christian Craig, he's doing a vlog with his wife and his kids and showing behind the scenes and that's gotten him a lot of opportunities as long as his wife but like what is Christianity. Christian Craig's hasn't finished like top, I don't want to, but he hasn't even. Oh, did he win? Okay, well then. But like what I was saying is like, he hasn't been proteo Ming. Recently, and maybe I'm wrong 'cause I didn't. I didn't watch last weekend when it just started. But and he's still a huge name, which is like because he has because he's doing these other things. People are cheering for him and want him to win, which I just think is such like they're finally starting to get it, I guess, which is amazing. I didn't know he wanted him. That's amazing. I didn't want looked.

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