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Bruins training camp, David Pasternack made his return to the practice ice yesterday today, coach Bruce Cassidy spoke about the winner's performance during his first day back. I thought he looked great lots. Energy is flying around. I thought it rubbed off on his linemates shot look good. Couple of plays in tight, fumbled the parks, timing execution. We're all going through that little better have the first week so that's to be expected. I'm sure you'll pick that up. But all in all, I'd give my excellent grades. Several Patriots players have decided to opt out of the 2020 NFL season today. Dont'a Hightower and Patrick Chung are among the players who have decided not to participate, and the Sox take on the Mets at Fenway again tonight. Game time. 7 30 Brian Antonelli. W B Z Boston's NewsRadio 3 43 traffic and weather together the Subaru Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the 31 28. That's no picnic, David. Not at all. Ben. It's barely moving north on from Route 20 to the scene of a vehicle fire on the right side of the road by Propeller Road. It takes 26 minutes to go. The five miles or so from Route 22 route to and the South bound side is heavy curiosity delays from root to pass that scene on the north bound side and now 1 28 south bound, getting reports of a possible crash by exit 19. Getting out of downtown. The Tobin Bridge North on is just about full lever connector on the way to that is slow getting to the root one and Tobin Bridge exit and Storm Drive East Pond is tied up approaching the traffic lights at leverage Circle. Heading out on the expressway South bound, barely moving from the O'Neill tunneled tower towards South Hampton Street and then one more time from movement After the break, three split lower end of 93 north and South bound is slow getting the route 24 24. South is tight at the beginning and then heavy and slow in spots for 95 to 1 40 David struck Feli No W B C traffic on the threes. We've been keeping an eye on some of the shower and thunderstorm activity that's been building up the line. From about the South shore back through parts off Rhode Island, South Coast, Massachusetts, where Island and into a Connecticut so there could be some storms that have probably got along that line. There's one just north of Taunton right now another one, just just to the south of Providence,.

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