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Not responding more quickly the public health calls to reduce the spread of the new coronavirus by limiting large events the four major organizations NHL soccer Major League Baseball in the NBA put out guidelines to protect their athletes but not their fence and I found that curious the sports leagues are temporarily preventing reporters from entering team clubhouses to keep them at arm's length from players Santa Clara county's ban on gatherings of more than a thousand people for the rest of March means at the San Jose Sharks and the San Jose earthquakes will have to play some games without fans present or move their scheduled home games elsewhere Major League Baseball set to return to the bay area and less than two weeks and so far the teams are planning to go ahead as usual in addition to its ban on large gathering Santa Clara county is making other aggressive interventions to reduce the spread of the virus county sheriff Laurie Smith has announced several measures intended to prevent infections in county jails KQED's Alice will flee as more the Santa Clara county sheriff wants to reduce the population in county jails to make space for potential quarantine we're going to be working with public health to identify those that are at risk categories and see if we can find alternative sentencing or housing or isolation or something we have a real high at risk population around fifteen percent of inmates in Santa Clara jails are over the age of fifty Smith also announced a ban on contact visits and plans to limit the number of people coming in and out of facilities there are no reports of coronavirus infections in the county jails at this time San Jose mayor Sam Liccardo says be prepared for the county to take additional steps I won't be surprised if a week from now we do have schools or school districts that are shut down I won't be surprised obviously if we're gonna have to do an awful lot of work that we never thought was within the realm of government but county public health director Dr Sarah Cody says after consulting with health officials in areas experiencing severe outbreaks she believes the negatives outweigh the positives the harms of school closure would mean that many parents and children cannot go to work many of those parents are in our health care work force and other critical services county officials also reiterated the need for improved testing I'm Alice will flee KQED news three transportation security administration officers who work at Mineta San Jose airport have tested positive for the novel coronavirus inter getting medical care the TSA announced yesterday that all agency employees who came in contact with them over the past two weeks are quarantined at home the TSA is yet to say what kind of contact the officers had with the general public I'm Brian white KQED news support comes from visitors coverage dot com covering travelers for travel emergencies in the U. S. and abroad you can learn more at visitors coverage dot com on the next fresh air New York times reporter Ben Hubbard author of a new book about Saudi.

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