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I think i think we fantasize about that a lot and joey and kevin you know the to have played. Joey played doc mini ham and kevin thick pretty jones. The three of us were really really tight knit. All three of us ended up going through addictive stuff. And i won't tell their stories like i mean and you know i don't know where they're at ner journey we did just we just have like a mini reunion Virtually on zoom Some of us like not everyone was there but it was nice to see a lot of them in a couple of like sober sober. Now like you know and it's really nice to just have that like the kind of diagram of having been in school of rock. Also having the unity of recovery is really beautiful. We love each other so much in his family and every time we do get back together to like hang out even if it's just like you know a couple of us meeting on zoom to just hang his second or if it's just me like timing somebody from lacasse like it is nice and i will always cherish that like relationship Were my best friends for you. Know a couple years. Since we'd we'd worked on the film and then we'd go back to school for a little bit and then come back and do crass than go back to school for a little bit and then come and do more press in different countries and it was just like this family and now you know almost twenty years later. Oh okay well. It is seventeen and a half years later. Not gonna age ourselves further But it's just. It's so nice to see how everyone's grown into these just like amazing humans like somebody is a Obgyn and somebody's a lawyer. And there's like you know kevin who played freddie is still drumming. Joy played zach is still playing guitar. I'm like kind of. I don't know. I like to think that i'm saving the world. You know one recovering addict at a time. One dopey episode one dopey episode at a time. Put the band together. Put the band together. Started trio. i'm telling you. I mean it'd be so fun. Make it would be funny. They're both really good musicians. It's interesting like you know people it's tiktok is is really fun because people like sh- people love school of rock so much and it's it's it's it makes me so grateful because i'm like glad i was in a movie that holds out stands. The test of time in isn't like problematic and it feels good to like had worked on such a feel-good prod- product project. Wow not products throws it's a feel good product and feel good project and it's such a good movie that i've literally watch it like i've watched it many many many many many times and even the music the original music is great. It's like really you know like catchy. My daughter loves it. I love it. I i i watched it fall on drug addict and i was like. This is the coolest movie i ever saw. And if that is true and you show it to your eleven year old kid and you're like isn't this cool and she's like yeah that's the fucking litmus test try to start with these people try it. I mean we'll see i love. I love being in a band. I love being the front woman. I did you know before i left chicago. I assembled a group of friends to do like a like a good by show for me which was really fun and i got to sing a bunch of my songs that covers we some heart songs and other like saint vincent songs and whatnot and it was really nice to like the front person and be able to sing and then take their guitar and play a couple numbers by myself and then go back to just like being and having everyone else backing me up. It was tight. I honestly i really miss playing in bands and you know while i am working on like a thousand things. I've got this podcast rating highlighted. I'm also writing a couple of short films. Like but i i do you know there's nothing like fucking being an abandon just like commanding the stage in that way. It's the best. There really is nothing like that. But do it all i mean. I think that's awesome. Do all those i. I love being in a band. Because you're with friends and you're creating something together and when when you're done playing when the song is over it's over and you can go home and write something but when you're doing it it's magic and communication and interaction and just it's the you're young. You know what. I mean. Enjoy it. I'm old i'm cross. The i work in an old delhi. The faulk you are young and you can do all these things. And i make up with your mother. I have a lot of faith that great things are on the way i really do. How about your dad. Do you talk to your dad. Or no yeah. I talked to my dad for like an hour this morning. He's really sweet. My dad's got his own. He's had his own struggles with addiction. more so with food and stuff but it and some. You know money behaviors that you know. I think seeing both me and my sister you know are in recovery And i think kim seeing us kind of taking that kind of action towards change towards growth is is inspiring to him. And it's it's really nice to see him grow in compassion and understanding As the years pass on rivka. I didn't even get to talk about you being jewish filipino. Because i'm jewish. And i grew up in filipino house all the time so we have a lot wheelock going on there. I had to say you'll have to have me back on whenever you want. You be in touch okay and thank you so much for coming through. I really do appreciate. It was a lot of fun so much for having me. It's my pleasure. Be in touch for real. If you need anything just never hesitate to ask. We'll do and same to you. Yeah if you've emmy podcasting questions. I'm doing i could. Maybe i'll be a resource for you. All right thank you so much dave. Thank you ripka. So that was rift careers. And i really really loved that talk. And i hate that. The timing coincides with this kid's death kevin clark but you know you know what they say it meeting all the time they say there are no coincidences and i totally disagree with that. I think that there are tons of coincidences. And even if a coincidence is incredibly apropos. it's still a coincidence. That's just maybe. I'm a cynic believe and maybe you guys are wondering if rivka reached out to me to help do her her new podcast and the answer is now. Maybe you're wondering if i reached out to rivka Since that interview and also the answer is now. But i'm going to reach out now before i put up this episode and.

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